The New York Times, Jennifer Weiner, Jodi Picoult, and #Franzenfreude

While many of us seem to be getting book information and recommendations from book blogs and other new sources, traditional review outlets like The New York Times still carry influence and weight -- they still matter. To some people, including best-selling authors like Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult, they seem to matter a lot. ...more
I read a few books a week. I tried some of the NY Times books but it felt too much like college ...more

Stranger than Fiction: Jennifer Weiner and Other Writers Tackling Infertility

Just as you begin to see pregnant bellies everywhere when you're undergoing fertility treatments, you also start to notice it as a plot device in pieces of fiction. Were characters always experiencing infertility and loss, but I never noticed until it was on my daily horizon, or has infertility exploded onto the page in recent years much in the same way it has made it's way to magazine covers and news stories? ...more

It's IF stuff seems to be everywhere as well as pg stuff.  I notice every pregnant belly ...more