It's Time for a Frank Discussion on Vaccinating: Don't Be a Jerk

At the same time that Jenny McCarthy is learning that people are attracted to people who vaccinate their children, Kristin Cavallari is being hailed as the next Jenny McCarthy for her public statements on how vaccines cause autism. Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth—where opinions never turn into facts, no matter how fervently we believe, no matter how personal the loss or the triumph—the growing number of parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children is in part responsible for a resurgence in diseases long laid almost to rest. ...more
Just thought I'd post this link here considering that our concerns about vaccines aren't ...more

Jenny McCarthy’s Engaged to Donnie Wahlberg! Get Her Engagement Ring Look for Less!

Donnie Wahlberg gave Jenny McCarthy a humongous yellow sapphire engagement ring! -PJ Gach...more

Autism, Menopause and More: Should Celebrities Stick to Being Celebrities or is their Medical Advice Trustworthy?

Celebrities have long talked about their various opinions on health and medicine....more

This is something that infuriates me. I hate celebrities thinking they are the perfect ...more

Valentine's Day Advice for Single Moms!

A New Rendition of the "12 Nights of XMas" and a Happy New Year!

 On the 28th day of December, my partner Terry said to me...Butterfly has 5,500 members, 116 groups,Women from 112 countries - including Nigeria and South Korea,And an expert in Psychotherapy!  ...more

"Toast & Tweet" with Jenny McCarthy!

Standing Up and Speaking Out For My Child With Autism

Before I was Leo's mom, I would have been likely to choose defenestration over confrontation. But kids like my son, who has intense autism, require advocacy, and advocacy requires standing up and speaking out on matters that conflict with his best interests. We parents and caregivers who want real change, real results, and real information for our children with special needs have to be smarter and stronger than perhaps we ever imagined. Here are four approaches to the advocacy our kids deserve. 1) Get Informed. ...more
Here, here. We need to to be fierce, intelligent advocates for our children. I am proud that in ...more

Did Autism Cleave Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy?

Gleeful tweets and DMs starting rolling onto my computer screen shortly after Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey announced their separation via Twitter. People wanted to know how I felt about the implosion of the Generation Rescue-fronting Hollywood couple's five-year relationship. Didn't I hate them? Wasn't I happy?...more

My son doesn't have autism, he has cerebral palsy. So I hope you don't mind my commenting on ...more