BlogHer's Lois Lanes at BlogHer '12

An investigative tribute to the unseen journalists on, part 2.In my November 1, 2012 post, The Marvels of Self-Editing, I explained I grew up in the 1950s when newspaper reporting employment options for women were scarce....more You are indeed The Bomb, Amiga!   :)more

Breakfast Omelets a la Ken Jennings

Since he lost to Watson, Ken Jennings been on a media tear, culminating today in a Reddit Ask Me Anything Q&A in which he talks about his dream TED Talk ("How to Make Love Like a Jeopardy! Champion), writes a limerick about Alex Trebek, and happens to mention his favorite breakfast food. Breakfast and Jeopardy! I'm in Food/Nerd Heaven! ...more

Avocado (for texture), ham (for smoky sweet meatiness), mushrooms and goat cheese. YUM!!!

My ...more

My Valentine's Day Plan: Watch Jeopardy! (And Yes, That Is Romantic)

Want to know my romantic Valentine's Day date? I'm watching Watson the computer play Jeopardy! against Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter, the game's two all-time-best champions. I can't wait. ...more

"I, for one, welcome our new computer overlords."

Loved that!


The Month of Pies Comes to an End -- With Jeopardy! Pie

Apple, apple-cranberry (twice), broccoli pot, buttermilk, cashew butter and jam, cauliflower-onion, chicken pot, chocolate pudding, coconut cream, cranberry, mashed potatoes and peas, lemon-mascarpone (twice), leftovers (thrice), maple-walnut, mushroom-goat cheese, Nutella (twice), pecan, pumpkin, quiche Lorraine, salmon-leek (twice), shepherd's, sweet potato, and tofu pot. 29 pies in 29 days. A wild pie ride. ...more

But I also have a LOT of pie in my freezer. A LOT. Want to come over?

aka Honeybeast

Guess What I Talked to Alex Trebek About This Week? PIE.

This week, I flew to LA to be a contestant on Jeopardy! And though the title of the show Jeopardy! actually includes the exclamation point, you can assume the excitement is my own. It was a lifelong dream and really fun and fascinating and contrary to my strong conviction at the time of taping I did not faint and that's all I can say about it now -- if you want to know what happened, tune in on March 25, 2011. Oh, one more thing: I talked to Alex about pie. Pie! ...more

Julie! I've been wondering if you made the cut!!! That is so bad ass. Just ...more