The Law of Attraction Between Celebrity Couples

By Yolanda Shoshana, Luscious Lifestyle Diva Biker boy and ex-husband to America’s sweetheart, Jesse James recently declared that 2010 was the best year of his life. That declaration definitely made some people raise an eyebrow or two. Since when does a messy divorce and the possibility of losing your child constitute the time of one’s life? But according to James, it all led to him finding love with Kat Von D. When he announced his engagement to Von D, people said they are perfect for each other, which was not necessarily a compliment in their case....more

Even Jesse James Deserves a Second Chance

By Elizabeth Hanlin of We Love Dates...more

Is Sandra Bullock Heading for Heartache Again?

By Dawn Maslar, author of From Heartbreak to Heart’s Desire: Developi...more

Co-Parenting After a Divorce: Gleaning Advice from Bloggers

What do Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, John and Elizabeth Edwards, and Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren have in common beyond the fact that the men are all cheaters (oops! Did I say that aloud?) They are all engaging in some form of co-parenting, making it work as parents even if they couldn't make it work as a couple. ...more
I agree that if at all possible, co-parenting is the best option for children living in a ...more

Sandra Bullock Adopts African-American Child Despite Racist Allegations Against Her Husband

Yesterday, People Magazine reported that not only is actor Sandra Bullock divorcing her husband, reality star Jesse James, but she has also adopted an African-American baby boy. ...more
I should have said it plainer ... every child is different.  Every child will have something ...more

Stepford Wives and Women Today

The Stepford Wives Movie With Katherine Ross and Peter Masterson....more

Five Things Friday - Why I'm Not the Other Michelle McGee

With all the recent hoopla over Jesse James and his mistress, my doppleganger, Michelle McGee, I’ve been getting quite a few mails questioning my moral virtue.  I am  here to assure you that, although I share Ms. McGee’s name, that is all I share with her.  Here are 5 reasons I am not the other Michelle McGee....more

The Proper Mistress

The day Jesse James' affair with Michelle McGee hit the news, I got a phone call from my father, who was uncharacteristically beside himself about the news. He adores Sandra Bullock, but his beef wasn't with James' audacity to cheat on the award-winning actress with perfect girl-next-door charm – it was with James' complete lack of judgment in choosing a proper mistress and executing a clean extramarital affair. ...more
This article saddens me.  As a clinical psychologist and sex therapist, I work with men and ...more

A Secretive Spouse

So we’ve all heard of Sandra Bullock’s motor-head husband Jesse James having some sexy times with a girl nicknamed “Bombshell,” while Ms. Bullock was off filming The Blind Side. I guess with this guy, “when the cat’s away, the mouse will play.” And what about Sam Mendez, husband to the beautiful Kate Winslet? He’s rumored to have also cheated. And we all know about the famous, Mr. Tiger Woods....more

You are right on with all these "signs". Unfortunately, signs are often not seen until they've ...more

Will the Gentlemen Please Stand Up?

Come on Jesse James, really? You are married to a woman often coined the most beloved actress in Hollywood yet you still can't keep your pants zipped? I've heard nothing but wonderful things about Sandra Bullock. There are millions of rumors of how nice she is to everyone, how fair and even keeled she is with her employees. This list of her "non-Hollwood-esque" attributes could go on forever. And I haven't even touched on her beauty... or her acting talent. She is surely what I would call, "the total package"....more