Our Preoccupation with the Perfect Pregnant Body

Rumors swirled this week about the suspected, but likely soon-to-be-officially-confirmed, second pregnancy of pop star Jessica Simpson. ABC News blogger Luchina Fisher encapsulates the skewed cultural mindset when it comes to women and body image when she writes: “Jessica Simpson could be gaining back some of the 60-plus pounds she lost after giving birth to daughter Maxwell Drew in May.”...more
@Sandra Kohlmann I am short and overweight with a giant, stretch-marked pregnant belly that I'm ...more

Bikini Bottom

So, I think this is cute. ...more

Project Runway recap: The WTFinale

You may notice this recap is late in coming. You may notice it's not going to be the usual blow-by-blow, moment-by-moment, outfit-by-outfit recap that I usually try to write. You may notice I have trouble saying anything at all about this year's season finale. Image courtesy Lifetime And all of that is because I still cannot wrap my head around the outcome. And I know I'm not alone. ...more

And yes, I always prefer the nice designers to the dramatic ones :)

Elisa Camahort ...more

Jessica Simpson Doesn't Brush Her Teeth

Time to confess: How often do you brush your teeth? After every meal? Twice a day? Once at night? Or do you take the Jessica Simpson route and brush three times...a week? Simpson admitted on Ellen that she doesn't brush her teeth daily, often opting instead to simply wipe them down with a clean shirt. ...more
I brush in the morning and at night, use mouthwash after each time, and try to floss every ...more

Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears Change the Beauty Game

When it comes to real-life beauty, fashion magazines and ad campaigns are among the last places I think to look, and Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson would be among the last people I'd consider as inspirations, honestly. ...more

I think that it is a huge step in the right direction... sometimes it takes women a long time to ...more

A Review of Jessica Simpson's The Price of Beauty

Jessica Simpson has a new show on VH1 called The Price of Beauty.  For the show Jessica and her two best friends Ken Paves (described as her fashion stylist, hair stylist, and make-up artist – yes all three.  I wonder – does he get paid for all three?) and CaCee (described as someone who always “makes you laugh” – pray tell how can I find a way to travel the world simply because I make someone laugh?) trav...more

New VH1 Series "The Price of Beauty" Features Jessica Simpson Still Looking Unreasonably Attractive

I just need to get my frustration about this out at this point I think, so please humor me whilst I vent a spell. You see, the entire frame of reference and basic thinking behind Jessica Simpson's upcoming reality show on beauty and body image REALLY rubs me the wrong way. As in, MAKES ME WANT TO GOUGE MY OWN EYEBALLS OUT WITH A SPORK. Yes, *that* kind of 'rubs me the wrong way.' Please allow me to explain (and/or rant semi-coherently) (Don't say I didn't warn ya!) (Wheee!). ...more

I am not surprised that another TV show picked another super beautiful host.  I, and women ...more

Sapphire Whisper Magazine: Fall 2008

Jessica Simpson: In the upcoming seasons we can expect to see further developments in The Jessica Simpson Collection- with expansions into belts and cold weather accessories, lingerie, footwear for the tween market and ultimately the debut of a signature apparel collection.. View All : http://www.sapphirewhisper.com/jessicasimpsonfeature.htm ...more

A VMA Virgin Play-by-Play

By most standards, I am pop-culturally retarded. Or at least I thought I was until I started visiting www.perezhilton.com everyday. Now I’m Hollywood-rumor educated. Somehow that seemed to make watching MTV’s VMA’s (Video Music Awards) a good idea. Perez Hilton summarized the VMA's in a 5 1/2 minute drunken v-blog, but it takes me a bit longer to do the play by play. And yes, you can now feel bad for the people who watch TV with me. ...more

When entertainment news crosses the line

People say you can learn a lot about a person by just looking at his/her briefcase/work bag. If you looked through mine you’d probably find the latest issues of both Sports Illustarted and Us Weekly. I enjoy looking through pages of celebrity photos ranging from “just like us” to red carpet shots. I also like reading in depth interviews with my favorite sports players, but I carry around both publications because I like to keep my sports news separate from my entertainment news. ...more