Isn't This Funny? A List of "Ugly" Feminists Including Jessica Valenti

This week the website Return Of Kings (which I had never heard of, but I’m sure is super important and relevant) published their list of The 9 Ugliest Feminists in America. My first thought was: What, they couldn’t find one more ugly feminist in order to round it out to an even ten? My second thought was: I wonder which pictures of me they chose for their post? Everyone knows that I am at least the third ugliest feminist in North America. ...more
First of all, you're in no way ugly no matter what the mean 12 year olds said. Secondly, these ...more

Who's Saving Feminism? Conservative Women.

A fissure is growing within the feminist movement, and it is oddly coming from the leftists over partisan issues. At the center of the debate is a bitter fight over the ownership of "feminism." The intriguing part? Who's siding with whom. ...more
Well, I'm a flaming liberal, but I think it's a step forward to say, "what do we have in common" ...more

Taking on the Lefty Gals

Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time writing posts against Feministing. As a commenter Brando said the other day, "as for Feministing, the excerpt you posted is typical of their sputtering vitriol and merits no comment. They’re too busy seething with hatred to let a rational thought enter their heads." ...more