The Own Your Beauty Panel: Changing the Conversation at BlogHer '11

Some panels at BlogHer conferences make you feel closer to people you barely know than you ever thought possible. This one did that for me. ...more

We Are Not Alone

This crazy idea I have, that women can attain better health, wellness and happiness by loving their bodies instead of struggling and hating them, is a message we don't hear very much in our world. No, the advertising industry is too invested in keeping us dissatisfied so we'll buy their products. The multi-billion dollar diet industry would go straight down the tubes if women decided our bodies can be trusted to know when and how much to eat. There would be a reduction in the number of gyms and work-out facilities if women ...more

Submit Your Questions for Jess Weiner, "The Queen of Self-Esteem"

We are thrilled to be interviewing body image expert Jess Weiner for a special podcast to celebrate BlogHer's new Letter to My Body Campaign. ...more

We are excited to be interviewing Jess and participating in this important campaign. We look ...more