Travel Planning Step 2.1: Walls are a nice touch

Time to tackle laying out your trip. It’s easier if there are two of you at this point if only because it means you will both have headaches when you go to bed. In our house, because he is good at math, micromanaging and optimistic about making connection times, Mr. Mark is in charge of the transportation....more

How To Recover From Jet Lag...

Obviously, I was a bit jet lagged from my whirlwind trip to New York City.  Actually, flying and traveling to other time zones tends to lend itself to jet lag so I thought I would share some of my remedies to help recover from it....more

Jet lag affects memory and learning up to a month after travel

Having just returned from a trip to NY, this study caught my eye. Granted, I only crossed two time zones, but I kept insisting to my father that my appetite was out of control on this trip....more

10 Tips for Healthy Travels

It's vacation time, and you're ready to relax. However, an unfamiliar bed or diet may cause restlessness instead. Don't let travel wreak havoc on your ...more