JetBlue's Blog Pokes Fun at Crewmember Meltdown But Tells a Different Story in Internal Memo

JetBlue is finally responding both publicly and within their company to the events of renegade flight attendant Steven Slater, who famously took his job and shoved out of a plane, down an escape chute and into the arms of a cheering Internet earlier this week. The airline's mixed responses are raising a lot of questions about public relations and social media. ...more

Smart point regarding Jet Blue's serious/humorous tone. It appears they wish to remain a cool ...more

Small Confined Spaces: Air Travel and Stress

Steve Slater, a JetBlue employee, quit by shouting out a few expletives over the Intercom system, grabbing some beers, and exiting out the plane's emergency door after a passenger's bag clocked him in the head. But it's not really take-this-job-and-shove-it insomuch as plane travel has become so stressful that it can make the most even-tempered people snap. ...more

No no no, I said "bring it on" only because I figured someone would tell me to suck it up and ...more