Hottest wedding jewellery trends

Jewellery is often a symbol of financial status, membership of a particular culture, subculture, decoration that reflects personal taste or flavour of current fashion trends and weddings are no exception. Jewellery rarely remains undetected and complements every wedding dress. When it comes to wedding jewellery, trends change every season, and to shine this year, we suggest several types that will make each combination modern and interesting.Necklaces...more

Vdoodle Creations to capture your heart! Classic Agate Pandents in black thread decorated with white metal work

The naturally formed Agate stone pendants with black thread decorated with white metal work with agate dots over them....more

Our Upcoming Range: An Online Preview

Hey all the beautiful Ladies out there!!!!!We are organising a SPECIAL PREVIEW of our new range of fantabulous Accessories just for our followers and fans! ...more

Turquoise and red stone jeweled white metal earring from Ladakh

Turquoise and red stone jeweled white metal earring from Ladakh...more

Accessory Crush of the Week~Countrified Pride Designs

TrendMafia Designermarkt, Berlin

Setting up...more

Hello World!

Miss Bea wants….to talk about vintage Bird in Birdcage Heart 'Miss Bea wants' Earrings Vintage – adjective Representing the high quality of a past time Old fashioned, obsolete...more

The Working Mum

 Milo riding the hoover like a car! ...more

What I hope

I hope I COULD return to my mother’s womb and know what she was thinking and doing, whether she would quarrel with my father, how carefully she take care of her. links of london ...more

Winter Giveaway - What Prize Do You Want?

Right, as Christmas is fast approaching I decided I'd better keep my promise about another giveaway! I am fairly stumped for ideas though - what do you guys want to see on offer?!My most pressing questions are:1. What kind of jewellery you want - necklace, bracelet, earrings etc.2. What material? Last time it was pearls - I'm happy to go with pearls again but equally I can do chainmaille, chandelier glass or a mixture.3. Something from the shop ( or something created especially for the giveaway?...more