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The Ultimate Budgetnista Fashionista

I am no different from many women in that I love shoes, handbags and jewelry. I'm also no different from many women in that my finances don't allow me to indulge in these fetishes to my heart's delight.I am a mom and a budding entrepreneur, who prides herself on living lavishly practical on a limited budget. A VERY LIMITED BUDGET....more

Etsy Find-PIECE by Dana Michelle

PIECE by Dana Michelle-Fave Etsy FindsPOSTED ON SEPTEMBER 2, 2014 ...more

Playing with Beads and Wire

Like most writers I know, I have some issues about squeezing in the things I feel like I should be doing. Writing sometimes (ok, often!) gets added to the end of the list, instead of being #1, which would make me most happy. Born in a generation where duty came first, fun came second, if it came at all, there was not much time to Play. Our female role models, washed clothes on Mondays, ironed on Tuesdays and vacuumed on Wednesdays. And then vacuumed again before the weekend, if it needed it or not. Wow, those were the days!...more

Jewelry Design: Love letters by India Hicks

Love letters by India Hicksmore at: www.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.com www.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.comA design and jewelry blog...more

Design: Hring eftir hring

Hring eftir hring is an Icelandic jewelry company established in 2009 by Steinunn Vala Sigfúsdóttir.More at: www.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.comwww.gemsshopiceland.blogspot.comA design and jewelry blog...more

Featured Artisan ~ Betsy from Poly Clay Cafe

Featured Artisan ~ Betsy from Poly Clay Cafe Betsy is like me in a way, having fallen in love with art at a young age, then venturing off into a corporate world. Hers was technology. ...more

My Hautest Boticca Jewelry Picks

Stella and Dot Trunk Show!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared Ashley's story about why she loved selling Stella & Dot so much and you got to see all of the awesome jewelry that I got to wear! Well, I knew that I wanted to have a trunk show after playing in all of her jewelry...and that's just what we did. Ashley made it super easy to organize....more