The Power of Latkes: A Shiksa's First Hanukkah

I celebrated my first Hanukkah eight years ago, back before I converted to Judaism when I was really and truly a shiksa (aka a non-Jewish woman). I had studied Judaism a bit in college, but I didn’t have any practical experience when it came to Jewish food or holiday traditions. Meanwhile, my fiancé is as Jewish as they come. Needless to say, I was slightly out of my element. ...more

I really liked reading this post. Although I didn't marry into a Jewish family and am not ...more

Life is giving me lemons. Lemondade anyone?

Today, well this week in general has been a pain in the butt. A week ago my blog partner in crime had a tragedy, her husband passed away, then my cousin's aunt died, my friends who were on trial had a verdict held until today, which ended in a mistrial. The weather has turned cold and rainy. I feel soaked to the bone. Our blog is closed for the time being, for a traditional mourning period. But we will ready to go again in no time. In the mean time, the group on Ravelry is growing by leaps and bounds. With people of all types. ...more

The BlogRing Cycle -- Part II: Jewish BlogRings

This weeks survey into the blogs of Jewish women who have linked to BlogRings has been an interesting adventure. The largest ring that I found was this one at Ringsurf. It represents a stunning variety of perspectives and traditions within Judaism. --------------------------------- On Chanting is one of my favorite blogs in this or any other ring. The author chants Torah in her synagogue, and writes with tender openness.. She wrote this past week - ...more

INNside Innkeeping in Montana

how fortuitous (or G-d incidence) .. i just joined this ring in ...more