I'm a Real Mom!

Well, it finally happened. All this time I was convinced I was faking it, but lo and behold, I'm actually a real mom.Know why?According to Elizabeth Banks, it's because I have two kids. Huzzah!...more

The Myth of the Woman Child

My good friend Audra Williams challenged me to blog about this piece on Tavi Gevinson. Then she posted this ridiculous article from Jezebel on Facebook, and I thought I would address both of them at once. I am killing two birds with one stone!...more

Girl Child? Rock It!

I am amazed to announce that yet again, I disagree with something published in Jezebel. What is this, twice in one week? Unheard of.Still, I didn't really like the tone of the excerpt of "Woman Child" as presented in the magazine.Before we go on, here are some images that show what we're talking about....more

Let's Talk about Sex

If you know me at all, you know I bumble around a lot. Usually I emerge unscathed, but sometimes I do something completely embarrassing that forces me to take a look at myself and at all the feels I usually bury deep inside.This is one of those times.Not too long ago, my beautiful cousin, who is getting married to a wonderful man (well, I've not met him, but I trust her), posted this article on my Facebook feed....more

Jezebel's Sleazy Plot to Sexualize Christine O'Donnell's Name

Jezebel, the Gawker site for women, decided that debating Christine O'Donnell on issues isn't good enough....more

Well, it's 3.40am where I live, I'm a little bit drunk, and very tired. I have neither the time, ...more

"Dear People Who Don't Work Here": Is Jezebel's Daily Show Coverage Feminism, or the Opposite of Feminism?

It all began with Irin Carmon's stinging accusations at Jezebel. As funny as the Daily Show can be for viewers, for female employees, "it's also a boys' club where women's contributions are often ignored and dismissed." Carmon continues to assert that currently, there is "less overt frat-boy humor, but that doesn't mean the institutionalized sexism is gone" and part of that institutionalized sexism is a climate unwelcoming to female writers and correspondents. ...more

And if she doesn't last, I trust that the reason she is off the show is because she didn't score ...more

Joanie loves Chachi But Chachi Hates Jezebel

Did anyone else read actor Scott Baio's response to having his tweet posted on Jezebel and wonder "What the hell happened to Chachi?" ...more

...after he gave Eric Cartman pinkeye.

Celeste Lindell


Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? News, Reviews, Readings and Book Giveaways!

We've been mighty busy with the book launch over here! In case you missed any of the action, here's a quick roundup:Win a copy of Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? There are two book giveaways running right now. Go throw your name in the hat!...more

Book Buzz: Shelf Discovery

If ever there was a book for child- and teenaged-hood re-readers it's Lizzie Skurnick's Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading. I'm sure that some of you know Skurnick from her Fine Lines column on Jezebel, where she reads childhood favourites with a fresh eye. ...more

...and I've already more

Freedom's Just Another Word For Controlling Your Ovaries, Inside Or Out

So here's a question that almost certainly falls into the category of Soliciting Too Much Information: what kind of birth control do you use? More specifically, what kind of birth control do you use if you're a woman of a certain age - a woman, say, who is probably mostly she thinks done having children - and doesn't want to return to the pill? ...more

Woohoo FireDad! We talked about a vasectomy, but we weren't 100% sure we were done. 5 years ...more