Want Jillian Michaels' abs and Michelle Obama's biceps? Here's how!

Celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels and First Lady Michelle Obama have something in common: They both look more fit and fabulous as they age! Get their secrets here....more

Jillian Michaels' five best weight loss fat burners, from fish oil to green tea

When it comes to weight loss, celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has become famed as the go-to guru....more

Jillian Michaels called size acceptance WHAT???

I've watched several seasons of The Biggest Loser over the years. I always admired Allison Sweeney for being part of such a successful show after all of her years as scheming Sami Brady on Days of our Lives. I was fascinated by the concept of these people locking themselves away in a retreat to concentrate on one and only one goal, losing weight. I grew to admire Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels as I watched them drive people to do things they never imagined they could do....more

Jillian Michaels is going to hunt me down

Ten days ago, when I secured a Crunch gym day pass and scheduled a morning to try out the new Jillian Michaels-designed workout, I could not have been more jazzed about it. I love what Jillian does and was eager to see what kind of interval training she put together.Guys, this statement may be beyond the pale in the fitness blogging world, but I wasn’t crazy about this class. Is a fitness blogger allowed to say that about a class designed by the fitness and self-improvement queen? (Dear Jillian — Please don’t come after me.)...more

Lost Opportunity

I am disappointed.  Disappointed at a lost opportunity.This morning, over a cup of coffee, I read this headline in the Hollywood Reporter.Jillian Michaels Warns Against International Adoption Unless You Have ‘A Lot Of Money’...more
@victorias_view That is what I wish she had done. After I got over being angry, I just felt ...more

6 Weeks to 6 Pack Review

Rain rain go away! I wanted to run this morning but we are under a severe thunderstorm warning until this afternoon, so I don’t know if that will be happening! It’s raining and thundering but not too windy out yet, but more is coming! Let’s just say I am hanging out downstairs today! I HATE wind! Anyway, today is the dreaded day I post pictures of myself from the 6 weeks to 6 pack DVD. I have a lot I want to say and it’s all jumbled up in my head so please bear with me!...more

Losing It.

No, not my sanity… though judging from the sheer quantity of gray hairs that are rapidly appearing, it’s not going to be long before that goes too.  No, I’m talking about FAT, people. Yes, this is the post I’ve been loathe to write since I started this blog, but since it’s almost as much a part of my identity as my kids are, I guess I should just do it and be done with it....more

Take a hike, please.

We randomly decided to take a hike yesterday and I can say for sure that a year ago, although I would have happily agreed to go, I also would have huffed and puffed the whole entire time. Today I honestly didn't even think twice about the fact that there were two hills included in our hike, I even kept pace with Ryman the entire time....more

Running an Obstacle Course

We all face obstacles when attempting to exercise. Just to get out of the door we may have to battle low motivation, uncooperative elements (wind, cold, rain), time that is limited or workout clothes that just really aren't cute enough to be seen in, in public anyway.  But I think some of us have especially difficult challenges standing in our way of a good workout.  Literally.  Challenges that could be described as shorter than waist-high with sticky, slobbery faces and ...more

We are Allowed to be in Awe of Ourselves

My gawd, we are women, hear us ROAR, for crying out loud....more