Mel Brooks Gives Hollywood the Finger

Can We Talk?

I am truly saddened about the passing of Joan Rivers. When one of my coworkers shouted it out today, I literally gasped in horror. I loved her humor, spunk, and of course her fashion. She told it like it was and was keen on being so direct. While her unapologetic approach to everything could make one cringe from time to time, she also put her mouth where her heart was. I have read so much about her charitable and loving nature all day and it offers comfort and the sense of ease I need. ...more

Some People Aren’t Worth Mourning: What We Can Learn from the Life and Death of Joan Rivers

The outpouring of love for the late Joan Rivers comes as no surprise. She connected with every generation. What she didn’t do, however, is transcended generations. In fact, her road to success divided us—even after her passing. In my humble opinion this is a sickening testament to how antiquated our beliefs still are about a woman’s duty to be forever subordinate. ...more
@SherryIrishGold rootandharvest Thanks, Sherry. That one's been eating at me for too long.more

Whose on First?

Joan Rivers said "Enter The Room Talking" which is great advice. If May West or Phyllis Diller hadn't started working in the field but there were other women before them.So, who was the first blogger, Anne Frank because we read her diary? Who was the pioneer of taking thoughts to keyboard and then post to the internet? Was it Al Gore? Was it a journalist who had been fired from a the print paper and promptly threw them a middle finger salute and said I can get my own audience!...more

Kim Kardashian Comedy Spoof

One reason why I love acting is because I can be someone else. The reason I love writing my own scripts and especially comedy scripts is because today I am Kim Kardashian! I am a reality show junkie and I hope you are too because you will definitely get a kick out of this Kim Kardashian parody video starring yours truly! xoxo Melissa...more

Would You Buy A Dodge From Joan Rivers?

Apparently, Joan Rivers is the new pitchwoman for Dodge.The last time we saw Joan Rivers with a car, she was vamping in front of the Cadillac’s luxurious ELR electric coupe at the Global Green Pre-Oscar Party....more

Lunch at Mar-a-Lago with The Donald

(To see the fabulous photos that go with this text, please click on my blog "A Rolling Crone") Palm Beach, I’ve noticed, is like Disney World for grown-ups—everything is bigger, better, cleaner, fancier (and more expensive) than in the real world. The latest example came yesterday (Sunday) when we were invited to lunch at the Mar-a-Logo Club by a friend who is a member. (The cost, I’m told, is $150,000 initiation fee and $75,000 each year after that.) ...more

What Joan and Melissa Rivers Can Teach You About Codependent Behaviors

This post is not about comedian Joan Rivers winning Celebrity Apprentice, even though it was good to see a 75-year-old get hired, not fired. Neither is it a treatise on whether reality TV is real or not, scripted or improvisational, nor an analysis of whether Joan and her daughter, Melissa Rivers, were acting the night of their foul-mouthed meltdowns. This post is about spotting unhealthy codependent relationships between parents and their adult children. Do you know the signs and symptoms? ...more

I said in my response to Candelaria:

On one level I wanted Joan to win as ...more

Joan Rivers’ Guide to Beauty Under the Knife

Joan Rivers, plastic surgery maven, is sharing her experience in her new book:  Men are Stupid….And They Like Big Boobs: A Woman’s Guide to Beauty Through Plastic Surgery.  Apparently this is a very well researched and useful book; between quips Joan offers sound advice on finding a good plastic surgeon and what to expect in terms of the entire experience.  But in writing this book I suppose we’re meant to see Joan as an aspirational figure.  The message is that with thousands of dollars you too can beat back age and turn your face into a frozen death mask.  Sounds inviting – j ...more

Olivia Newton John’s Great Chinese Walk For Cancer

Breast cancer survivor Olivia Newton John is planning a 21-day walk along the Great Wall of China to raise money for a brand new, state of the art, treatment and research cancer center. Her journey begins on April 7th, and, if all goes to plan, will end in Beijing on April 29th. Fellow cancer survivor Sharon Osbourne is one of the many celebrities planning to join Olivia on her 228 km trek. ...more