Dual-Income Parents: The Exhausted American Middle

Back in the mythic 50s and 60s, housewives like Betty Friedan and Betty Draper were very bored. The Feminine Mystique opens with this description of an average housewife’s day: “Many women no longer left their homes, except to shop, chauffeur their children or attend a social engagement with their husbands.” ...more

My husband and I were tag-team parents until last year. Though we both had the luxury of ...more

Punished for Taking Too Long a Maternity Leave? Blame Feminism.

The blogger Well-heeled brought my attention to this new study with the stunning question: “Could the U.S.’s lack of policy mandating paid maternity leave actually help women’s careers?” I’m going to blame second wave feminism for the fact that we are even having this conversation- and having it over, and over again....more

To me, issuing the challenge seems to imply that only people in business are ...more

Women and Work: Let's talk

This weekend, MomsRising and Feminism 2.0 invite us to talk about women and work. There’s a Twittercast on Sunday night with the inimitable Joan Williams (whose Unbending Gender is a classic). There are thought-provoking blog posts popping up online from leaders like Williams and Joan Blades, who co-founded MomsRising. Williams writes on the Fem2.0 blog, ...more