Are You More Interested In Michelle Obama's Fashion or Her Works?

What's more important -- whether FLOTUS Michelle Obama spends time with Congressional wives at a food bank to help feed the homeless or that she decided to break out her designer sneaks for the occasion? ...more

.. I just wish that wasn't the focus of the media coverage. Maybe if the media spent less time ...more

White House Communications Director Ellen Moran's 100 Days

White House Communications Director Ellen Moran is bidding farewell to her plum appointment before Barack Obama has officially been in office for 100 days. Moran is one of just a handful of women in Obama's official inner circle and is the only woman in his communications shop. ...more

Hillary Clinton is a Social Media Animal! Who Knew?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been called a lot of things in her day, some of them not so complimentary. "Social media animal," however, probably isn't a term that Hillary ever thought would be attached to her name. ...more

.... at what point she'll step down to prepare for a run? End of Obama first term? And who ...more

Are We Closer to "Family Friendly?"

As the Obamas were campaigning for the White House, they were clear about their intent to make our country more "family friendly." Michelle Obama in particular was open about the fact that she would make advocating for families one of her main projects if she became First Lady. ...more

There was a movement at one time to go to year round school, and I know some school districts ...more

Maternal Health Around the World Needs a Shot in the Arm

Childbirth is the leading cause of death for women around the world. About one woman every minute will die as a result of a pregnancy-related complication. Pretty scary, huh? But I bet I got your attention. Which is good, because I'm writing today about an effort launched this week on Capitol Hill by The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood and CARE called Mother's Day Every Day. ...more

Do We Really Need a Presidential Commission on Women?

So far American women are doing pretty well since President Barack Obama took office. He's only been President for a month, and already he's signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which will hopefully go a long way toward getting women equal pay for equal work in this country. ...more

politics by nature is beaurocratic. part of the process is a commission. i'm not sure which ...more

At This Rate, Soon We'll All Be Tracy Flick

Remember Tracy Flick from the movie Election? The over-achieving, uber-ambitious, won't-let-anything-get-in-my-way gal running for class President? If she didn't before this week, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is now very familiar with Tracy, who some are saying is Gillibrand's alter ego. ...more

washy || ||

 I don't mean to ...more

Fair Pay and Health Care for Kids are Closer to Reality

As I started to write this post, I realized I was at a bit of a loss. I love writing about fair pay for women, health care for children and better schools, but I just couldn't help wondering why there's still a need to be writing about them? I'd like to think that in 2009, those things aren't too much to expect from the most powerful nation on Earth. ...more

.... is that the Lilly Ledbetter Act and the Fair Pay Act were voted approved in the House, but ...more

President Bush Farewell Tour: Don't Let the Screen Door Hit You on the Way Out

It's been a very long farewell tour for outgoing President George W. Bush. I've gotten the feeling that he's been phoning it in for a while, but then I decided that's not such a bad thing, given his dismal record in the last eight years. ...more

Michelle,  so many have said it so much better than me:

 "Judge the future by the ...more