What Should You Do When You Quit Your Job to Become An Entrepreneur?

9 out of 10 people in the world are running after corporate jobs that offer sweet perks. These 9 to 5 jobs lure you in with lucrative packages and then bind you to 60 hours per week schedules. We won’t deny the unparalleled pays offered by these high brow jobs, but we would definitely like to ask how you are planning on spending the money if you have no time for yourself or your friends and family?...more

5 Excellent ways to improve your Typing Speed

We all know that typing speed today matters a lot in building your career. Whether you are applying for a job or for chatting, typing speed is considered as the major factor. So if you want to make a good career, you need to improve your typing speed. This will not only help in job but will also help you in day today activities. Many people today go for typing intuitions so that they can improve their typing speed and spend money but the fact is one can easily gain expertise in typing....more

How to choose your right career path in the medical field

Medical field offers stable, well paid jobs, which attract more and more students each year. One of these students is my niece, who decided to opt for medical school and inspired me to write this article, as her decision is more complicated than it seems....more

4 Reasons to Say ‘Goodbye’ to the 9-5

Are you considering working from home, but aren’t sure if you would be able to remain productive?Many people incorrectly assume working from home means lounging around in pajamas, watching Netflix, and munching on pizza all day. Freelancers often receive comments like, “Oh, you’re so lucky you get to sit at home all day!” and “I wish I could just sit in bed all day, too!”...more

7 Ways to Successfully Cope with a Stressful Work Environment

My last job environment was stressful... really stressful. The work itself was fine; it was the same work I had been doing for over a year, and for the most part, I genuinely enjoyed it. The stress had less to do with the work itself, and everything to do with the environment created by my employer. Simply put, it was awful....more
In the last few months before quitting my job, I did reach out more to my peers. Since they ...more

How I Turned My Side-Hustle into a Full Time Job

Somehow along the way it’s become standard operating procedure to have a side hustle on top of your full-time gig. As if you aren’t tired enough after your 40+ hour a week job, you’re generally expected to have something else to stand out. Perhaps it’s a natural progression for adults that grew up as super-charged kids who had countless extracurriculars from the time you were five. We’re used to being booked all hours of the day and night, so is it any wonder we’re taking on extra after hours work?...more

If it's Friday . . .

 Readers of this blog know that I was laid off from my tech job at the end of July and have no chance of being hired into another tech job because of my age.  Despite my experience and skills, no manager will hire the equivalent of his or her grandmother.  I will rant about age discrimination in the tech industry another time.  Today I want to talk about job hunting as an older woman....more

Doin' it old school

I love technology.  I was a technology worker until I was laid off yesterday.  I love nothing better than yanking a server out of the rack, opening it up and messing with its guts.  Or taking a printer apart with my favorite screw driver to see if I can fix it rather than having to wait for an appointment for a tech to fix it.  New version of my favorite backup software?  Bring it on!  Can’t wait to see if they fixed all the bugs in the old version....more

The Last Day

 The loud cheering that you heard today was yours truly as I left the office for the last time. I have been laid off from my job. It is both exhilarating and terrifying. Exhilarating, because I was working in a toxic environment where I was harassed, humiliated, mocked and on a good day, ignored. I was excluded from meetings and conference calls. I was given poor performance reviews because of my supposed lack of skills but denied any training or mentorship to improve my skills. Yes, I complained to HR....more

Dream Job: Good or Bad?

Few days ago we went for drinks with our friends, and along with the topics of dogs, stupid people, dreams, travels and so on, we discussed dream job. And mostly there were two question: Does it exist? and Is it good?...more