10 Tips for Job Hunting After 50

 I don’t think there’s much question that ageism exists in the workplace in America.  We live in a youth-oriented culture, and many people over 50 are subject to some bias on the job.  Younger  workers often view older employees as slower, less technologically savvy, and possessing obsolete skills.  If you're 50+, getting hired over 20- and 30-somethings could be tough.  Experience is not an advantage if it’s viewed as outdated or an obstacle to progress. ...more

Finding Your Passion (not the dirty kind...this isn't that kind of blog)

Today, I want to write about this article, called "How to Identify the One Thing You Were Born To Do," which is a terrible title, but not necessarily a terrible thing to try to figure out . Ross showed it to me today, and it's been really interesting to talk to him about it. See, we're just about to do an actual launch of the business....more

Summer Job Search Success Secrets

Susan P. JoycePublisher/Editorhttp://Job-Hunt.orghttp://WorkCoachCafe.com@JobHuntOrg@WorkCoachCafeSummer is a great time to job search! What?!? you may be thinking. Everyone is on vacation, or taking it a little easier than usual (and that's what I want to do, too.Exactly!The biggest summer job search secret is that summer is a GREAT time to find a job!Why is it a great time to find a job?...more

Do I Hear Flushing?

It’s easier to get a job if you have job.  At least that’s what I’ve always been told.  To be honest, it has never really seemed that easy to get a job if I’m currently employed.  Mainly because I’m too busy working to put much time and energy into looking for another gig.  Not to mention the difficulty trying to have confidential calls with recruiters or potential employers, especially while working in cubicle-land. ...more
 @PhilippeLeiritz I'm with you, I've quit two jobs before without having another job waiting in ...more

Your Job Hunting Trip: Start with the End in Mind

 “Start with the end in mind.”             ­­–– Stephen R. Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) When heading off for a trip, you don’t just get in the car and drive, right? You check the map, get some directions, see how it takes to get there, basically you make a plan. Job-hunting is just the same. To successfully and efficiently get where you’re going requires research and planning....more

AreYou Looking For a Job? Be Careful You're Not Making One of These Mistakes!

I came up with my “gut level” top ten reasons as to why people have a hard time finding a job. With as many people as I’ve worked with, my gut-level, practical, day-to-day real point of view is probably pretty accurate as to why people have trouble finding jobs. The academic in me required that I research the topic. I researched forty books on job and career change and nearly 200 articles from Google. However, I couldn’t find anybody who laid it out as bluntly as I’m going to. Here are three of my top ten reasons why people have trouble-finding jobs: ( ... drum roll, please)...more

8 Ways to Find a Job!

We’ve long been fans of Working Mother even though its very title denotes, “I have a job” when in fact with our continued economic turmoil it could be renamed, “I Want to be a Working Mother or “I Need to be a Working Mother.” Nevertheless, Working Mother magazine is famous for its “lists” such as 2010’s, 100 Best Companies....more

Wishing Twitter Away Not A Good Strategy For The Recruiting Industry

When an industry feels threatened by new technology it's not uncommon to start seeing a communication campaign to remind consumers of their real value. You saw it with gas stations when self-serve pumps were first introduced. The service stations touted the benefits of their personal service and the importance of having a human being check the oil, clean the windshield and pump the gas in inclement weather. Self service won, except in New Jersey where you can't pump your own gasoline. ...more

While it's obviously true that recruiters - or any other business - that want to "wish" ...more

Economy Worries, Hard Realities

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen I am worried. This is not an unusual state for me, as friends and colleagues will agree. Often, my worries can be assuaged by thoughtful preparation or action. The worries of these days have left me in a state of paralysis. ...more

Positive Attitude - It May Not Be the Key to Career Success You Think it Is

I recently received a question on LinkedIn from one of my connections who is a trainer and job search specialist. She was looking for stories about how keeping a positive attitude is crucial to success in one's job hunt during these times. In my reply, while I acknowledged that a positive attitude is important, it'll only get you so far. There is something far more important to succeeding whether it is the job hunt or building your business. ...more

Hi Paula

My name is Kymmy and I write about self help and personal development ...more