10 Tips for Job Hunting After 50

 I don’t think there’s much question that ageism exists in the workplace in America.  We live in a youth-oriented culture, and many people over 50 are subject to some bias on the job.  Younger  workers often view older employees as slower, less technologically savvy, and possessing obsolete skills.  If you're 50+, getting hired over 20- and 30-somethings could be tough.  Experience is not an advantage if it’s viewed as outdated or an obstacle to progress. ...more

Why I Turned Down a Job Today

The original plan was never for me to be a stay at home mom.  When I quit my job in November, I intended to enjoy the holidays at home with my family and immediately begin looking for new employment after New Years....more

Don'ts When Interviewing for a Job from a Receptionist

    By night I blog but by day I am an office manager. I started as a receptionist and by a stroke of great luck I was promoted to administrative assistant which lead me to office manager.  Despite the title, I am still a receptionist.  My desk is in the lobby, I greet people, schedule rooms, and let vendors in. Well, all that plus more but for a good portion of the day I am a receptionist. I happen to love my job but like any great jobs there are certain aspects that are not my favorite.  Greeting people coming for an interview is one of those things.  Don't get me wrong, I work with some fantastic people who once came for an interview but there is a fairly large percentage of would be employees who don't make the cut and I can usually tell their outcome based on how they treat me. ...more

3 Important Job Interview Tips for Post Grads

Congratulations, class of 2014! After the past month of finding the will to show up to what may be the last couple classes of your life in anything more than sweatpants, a semester of feeling the pressure to attend each and every social outing because these are the #BestYearsOfYourLyfe, and furiously searching LinkedIn, Craigslist and the career board of your university for your first post grad job, the time has come to embark upon entering the big bad real world....more

From Conducting a Job Interview to Sharing her Life Story

My mom offered a wonderful suggestion, which I quickly accepted, given that the opportunity rarely arises. My parents, who are visiting from out of town, would watch the twins, so the girls and I could go out and enjoy some quality time together. After lunch, I packed a bag of snacks and snatched another already-prepared bag (of coloring books, white paper, and retractable colored pencils), adding a box of toys that are for outings only (a bunch of Disney princess in MagiClip dresses, with extra dresses to play with); and the girls and I headed out to Starbucks. ...more

Technical/Computer Interview Questions to Ask

Question: In a Technical/Computer interview, what are the best questions to ask? I know salary and benefits are taboo. Answer: , you will be able to adapt this advice to your technical/computer interviews....more

Interview Questions and Answer Too Old and Too Many Jobs

 QuestionI retired 9 years ago after a good, solid 20 year career - retiring as finance executive.  Earned two management jobs at two other large, high visibility organizations.  I have a Masters degree and am a Certified Management Accountant. ...more

Changing Careers – With little or no experience at the new career

Changing careers could be one of the best decisions you make in your life. It may also be one of the more difficult things you will do. Creating a self-inventory and doing some basic preparation can make a big difference in the way you view yourself and as a result how others see you. Here are five tips to help you weave your way through your transition.1. Focus on your "transferable skills." ...more

OMG - Stoopid

So after my last post about not getting anywhere career-wise, I found out that I had an upcoming interview for a job I had applied for and badly want.    I met with someone in HR to go over interview questions, stressed over what to wear, met with my manager and received positive feedback, and chanted mantras that I felt would help me stay calm and confident.  I was feel...more

New trend: Would you DARE to audition for a full time job?

Talent management experts advise professionals to take on a probationary project at discounted salary as “audition” for the permanent position.  Your comments, insights? ...more
Discounted salary = temp 'citizenship' doesn't sit well with me but then companies don't use ...more