Life Lessons: How to Suck at a Job Interview

 When someone asks what you can bring to the job, be as vague as possible. Leave out as many details of all the things you have accomplished over the last 20 years. Disregard the work experience that has prepared you for the job. Do not even consider the life experience that you bring to the table. Stuttering and stammering is a great accompaniment to this.Trembling hands are a nice touch. As is dry mouth....more

My Interview for the Position of Stay-at-Home Mom

For a multitude of reasons, my husband and I have decided it might be best if I become a stay-at-home mom. And for a multitude of reasons, I am excited, nervous, and eager to possibly begin this very new, very important chapter of my life. I’m kind of panicking, to be honest. I mean, I want very badly to be THE BEST SAHM the world has ever known. Yes, I know it’s an impossibility, and that putting that kind of pressure on myself is ridiculous. But really, truly, I want to do a DAMN good job as a full-time mommy....more
@pjmarcotte thank you for your kind words. i have definitely relied on my sense of humor to get ...more

The 2 Things You MUST Do in a Job Interview

For all the advice I give you, or that you read on other websites, or that you hear from career coaches, I want to tell you that it's really so simple.  There are literally only two things you must do in an interview....more
Very good, sane advice! You're right; you wouldn't be called if you didn't meet the ...more