Welcome to My Life

No one sets out to be the poster girl for middle-aged singlehood. A succession of life's lemons dropped in my lap led me on the path to that dubious distinction, with nary a clue in advance of where I was headed. But then, I can be pretty oblivious. The great recession of 2008 claimed me as one of its countless victims when I was laid off as a webcast producer in December that year. Disappointing, but I'd already learned the life lesson that jobs come and go....more

What to expect when you're expecting the pink slip

This story has happened to me and is currently happening to me. The first time it happened, we were huddled in a group when our boss gave us the news. The second time, I didn't know until I realized my login credentials for my computer no longer worked. This time, My boss took me into the ofifce and his boss told me my exact date. Layoffs. Restructuring, redundancy: whatever words you use, layoffs can suck....more

6 Reasons Why Losing My Job Doesn't Suck

“There’s a great place to look for jobs, Mom,” said my 12-year-old son in his snarkiest voice.“It’s called THE NEWSPAPER.”Jerk.Okay, so he has a point (and I’m thrilled he knows what a newspaper is), but still.Having lost my job after the magazine where I’d worked as an editor for nearly nine years abruptly folded, I’ve spent the last few weeks flailing around and trying to figure out what’s next.It hasn’t been easy, but it’s been eye-opening.For one, I’m not as panicked as I probably should be....more
Great perspective! Hang in there.more

So Much To Do, So Much Time

Since getting laid off from my full-time day job on the last day of 2012, I find I am just as busy as I was before, but things are definitely different.First and foremost, my stress level has dropped significantly. I know this goes without saying. Working forty-plus hours a week while taking care of a large family and elderly parents, volunteering and trying to launch my freelance writing career while stalking literary agents would make anyone's blood pressure rise, right?...more

You've lost your job - How are you feeling?

If you lived long enough to know job loss than you also know the emotional roller coaster ride that follows. The ease in which you go through this phase is for the most part dependent on whether you initiated the change or the company made the decision for you. If losing your job was involuntary then a whole host of feelings could rise to the surface....more

Job Loss, Debt, and Lower Salaries: Why We’ve Gotta Do What We’ve Gotta Do

Just recently I read a couple of disturbing articles in the New York Times about debt. Helaine Olen’s January 2nd opinion column suggests that the reason we’re in debt and can’t save is because of unaddressed social policy issues -— things like flat-lined salaries and higher health care costs. ...more
Finally someone with some sense. I have been laid off 2 times on the past 5 years so I know it ...more

NaBloPoMo...Worry work...

I LOVE that December's NaBloPoMo is about WORK...of course, December is a lot of work, there's Christmas...there's Christmas parties, there's cheerful people working at Walmart...a lot of joy. This is probably going to be a weird December for me...I'm not real sure of what's going to happen this month into January...sure, there's the obvious end of the world thingy December 21 and I'm OK with that...it solves all of the "where am I going to find the perfect gift for my husband and kids!"  ...more
@SunbonnetSmart.com  @Loki-Lou  i'm going to watch this as soon as I figure out what I'm ...more

Radio DJ endures 5 stages of Job Loss...

  One month ago I was a classic country radio DJ... It was an awesome life, I played music, told you if it was going to be hot out or cold...(here in Milwaukee, it could be cold in the morning, and hot in the afternoon, with snow at 6pm....more
@djhuber I just listened and that's stations crazy. What is that music? Torture maybe?more

Romney and Obama: As a Woman, What I Want!

I promised myself that I would not get pulled into the Romney vs. Obama debate.  I am not affiliated with any particular political party because I just don’t do well in the boxed up ideals as defined by others....more
This is a breath of fresh air; thanks for articulating what is important in this current ...more

9 Signs You Are Going to Be Fired

In the past you only had to worry about the very infrequent layoff or restructuring. Times have changed. In the nonstop downsizing, company bankruptcies, and worrisome economy, even the illusion of security is a thing of the past. The high stress and added tension makes even the best of situations sometimes seem tenuous. So how can you know if you're going to get canned? ...more
Yes I have lived this post as well.  My position was newly created and I was answering to 2 ...more