Just Say NO to Traditional Networking

By Sheri Kendall-duPont, COLL100 Faculty at American Public UniversityDale Carnegie said it best, “greet everyone you meet and show an interest in them. Remember the things that are important to them.” This is great advice and a good way to approach networking, but you must go one step further: follow up.Networking reaches far beyond the mere exchange of business cards and polite smiles. With a well-defined strategy, a strong network can be built in four easy steps....more

Saying Thank You: A Post-Interview Essential

In the last few weeks, we’ve been interviewing for an evening Reference Librarian position, and it got me thinking about my own grueling job search, not so long ago! I remember stressing out about how much stuff I had to get together: update my CV to highlight what the posting is asking for, re-write my cover letter, investigate the institution, research the library, the list goes on and on....more

Stepping back into a career after a break

Is it even possible? Of course it is because anything is possible. If you had a successful career before you took a break then you definitely have the skills and knowledge to do it a second time. It all starts with positive thinking! Don’t let the negativity and doubt sink in! It’s important to stay confident in your knowledge and abilities so you can easily discuss this and portray it in your body language....more

Educate Yourself to Make the Job Search Easier - Read Industry Publications

It is wonderful to educate yourself and make the job search more successful by reading industry publications. Each day there are people all over the country who are seeking work. Some are traditional employees who want to go and offer their services to employers at brick and mortar locations. Other people seeking work are entrepreneurs who are seeking more customers for their businesses. Still others are people who work at home like freelance writers who are looking for their next contracts....more

Commit to Taking the Job Search Seriously By Sharing Your Plans

It is wonderful to commit to taking the job search seriously by sharing your plans. Normally, when one hears the phrase "job search" what comes to mind is the traditional  worker who leaves the house in the morning goes to work and comes home in the evening. However, there are many more types job searches than the traditional picture provides.  Bloggers who are seeking advertisers and sponsors are on job searches. Entrepreneurs who are looking for new customers and business alliances are on a job search....more

Commit to Taking the Job Search Seriously By Updating Your Resume

It is wonderful to commit to taking the job search seriously by updating your resume. Over the course of the past twenty years, the ways we look for jobs have changed a great deal. One upon a time, we looked for jobs in the newspaper columns. It was common to see people dressed up and going into town on commuter trains with the classified section of the paper on their laps with various advertisements for positions circled. Today, people are increasingly looking online for jobs with Craig's List or filling out applications online....more

Out of Work - Get Optimistic and Improve Family Relationships

It is wonderful to have an attitude of optimism while out of work and use that optimism to improve family relationships. It is important for us to work on a regular basis in order to earn income. In most cases, our family members understand that we must step away from family obligations in order to earn money. Sometimes, we must spend long hours at work and sacrifice time with family in order to keep our jobs. Occasionally, this sacrifice leads to bad feelings or even resentment in families....more

When Out of Work Get on the Internet

It is wonderful to take time to get your life in order while you are out of work. So often when people are out of work they see only the problems. There is good reason for that after all. If a person remains unemployed and without income for a significant period of time, there may be unemployment, homelessness and hunger! However, if using the look for the silver lining approach, one would see there is a good thing in being unemployed for a period of time. If you should find yourself unexpectedly unemployed, get out your favorite device and get on the internet....more