Job search in Android using Smart Phones

Most of the job recruitment are made through conventional sources like classifieds on newspapers, advertisements on job sites. All these consume a lot of time and need a regular tracking, especially if the companies are looking for the right candidates and the best match for their respective job requirements in the shortest period.“Selfie Video Resume” and Job search on Android application: ...more

Finding the Best Job for Me

I’ve been casually trying to look for a job.  So far I’ve had three job interviews: one never contacted me after a month even though I sent a quick check-in e-mail just asking after the status of the job (my husband suggested that I may not want to work with a company lacking good communication skills, anyway); one I still haven’t heard from but decided the minute I sat in the conference room awaiting my interview that I really didn’t want the job for innumerable reasons even though it appeared to be one most in line with what I handled in a previous job; and another declined me for on...more

We Fight No Wars Here

Dear Talent,There are companies who say there is a war for talent – be aware of those and I will tell you why in a while. Conversely, talented people say there are not many dream companies to work for. Where do these two diverging ideas meet?...more

A Job Search Is Like Fishing

By Jackie Hott, faculty member at American Public UniversityA job search is like fishing; you cast out your line with the goal of landing the perfect catch. The comparison recently occurred to me as I watched my son fish. He was prepared with his pole, bait, and tackle box. He sat a while casting out his line over and over showing patience, persistence, and attention to detail.Fishing takes time, casting out many lines until you finally hook that fish. Just like preparing to go fishing by gathering the right equipment, you also need to prepare for your job search....more

Find Your Passion, Find Your Career

If money were not an issue, what would you do for a living? Answering this question could be the path to unlocking your passion and finding the career that is the best fit for you.Career Coach Kristen Carter helps people tackle this question at American Public Universiy. Get her advice for finding your career passion at Never Work a Day in Your Life!...more

Laid Off? How I Survived the Job Search

They say that doors close so new ones can open, and now that I have found a new job I hope for that to be as true as it has proven to be in the past....more
That is great you were fortunate to find one quickly as you were very proactive. My last layoff ...more

Just Say NO to Traditional Networking

By Sheri Kendall-duPont, COLL100 Faculty at American Public UniversityDale Carnegie said it best, “greet everyone you meet and show an interest in them. Remember the things that are important to them.” This is great advice and a good way to approach networking, but you must go one step further: follow up.Networking reaches far beyond the mere exchange of business cards and polite smiles. With a well-defined strategy, a strong network can be built in four easy steps....more

Soon to be Amazing Mother!

Our amazing friend, Liha, is 27 weeks and expecting a very beautiful baby boy! She is going to make an exceptional mother and we are all so overly excited for her. ...more

How to prepare for an Interview

Preparing for that dream job can be so nerve-wracking. I think the first time I interviewed I was fumbling over my words and kept repeating myself because I was so nervous. Lets just say I walked away from that interview more concerned that it was over than if I actually got the job. As time passed I realized I wasn’t as prepared as I thought I was and probably could have done some more prepping beforehand. Coming to terms with this reality, I came up with questions they may ask me in an interview....more