Taking Your Job Search and Resume Up a Notch

Taking Your Job Search and Resume Up a Notch ...more

Ok...So....What to do next?

So here I am "On The Edge of".....well, not seventeen......on the edge of 40.  This whole last year I have been an absolute wreck.  Feeling like I should be further along in my life than I am.  Measuring my success to a standard that I am not sure is really even attainable....at least not in a small, rural community in Minnesota.  Now that I am slowly overcoming the shock of turning "40"...I want to do something.  I am not going to waste another minute fretting over this.  Time to move on and do something.........but what?  I don't know. ...more
Have you submitted any of your artwork to any exhibits? Maybe that is your next step...more

Have an Engagement Ring? You Probaby Don't Need a Job.

Thanks to Amanda, I saw this article the other day that told me and every other woman with an engagement ring out there, When On An Interview, Leave The Bling At Home....more

Worst Resume Mistakes Ever

Writing a resume is not a great deal of fun. There are the old ways of doing things, the new ways of doing things, and a dozen different "expert recommended" ways of doing things. In today's times it pays to have your resume stand out. After all, you usually need to rise to the top of a stack of hundreds of resumes. However, you don't want your resume to stand out in the ways that the ones I am about to share with you do. Don't make these best of the worst resume mistakes on yours. ...more

For your resume and cover letter to standout, they need to be well-written and promote 'You ...more

Is the Way You Use Social Media Hurting Your Career?

Every time I read an article like the recent "How social media can hurt your career" on Careerbuilder, I am grateful that we didn't have social media back when I was in college. Young, testing the waters, and with a lot of opinions to share, I wonder if I would have unknowingly committed a faux pas in the weakness of a heated moment that would have hurt me professionally? ...more

My facebook page in particular is a private page that only my friends can see, I can't ...more

I woke up this morning with a sugar hangover!

How did I wake up with a sugar hangover?? Each morning I start the day by praying and reading my bible. By the time I am done, I'm feeling rather energized and have big plans in my mind as to what I intend to accomplish this day. And, nearly every day I do some sort of exercise and eat pretty healthfully during the day. It would seem that the days starts out in a way that would be conducive to accomplishment, huh? But this morning, I could hardly drag myself out of bed! :-( ...more

Resolutionary: 2009 is my year to be a real writer and I need help.

These are the thoughts that went through my head as my friends and I watched the ball drop.  I want 2009 to be like 2008, only more so. In 2008, I began writing book reviews consistently for the Star-Ledger.  I read and wrote about all kinds of books, on deadline in some cases.  I read books I might not have picked up on my own, and found a way to understand and interpret them for readers.  I'm proud of the writing I did. ...more

Becoming Homeless

This is the 6th month since my hubby lost his job. Boy, what timing. I have been on the net daily sending resumes and looking for him work. So far, we've only had a few offers. Anyone who says that finding a job on the net is easy-peasy is just plain stupid. My hubby is a skilled tradesman with like 30+ years experience so you'd think we'd have no problem getting him a job. We went yesterday to a guy named Joe, real nice person, who works with HUD to help people who are facing foreclosure. Well, as I figured, there isn't anything he can do for us because we have no income coming in. ...more