Not Enough Jobs: Should We Encourage Those Who Can to Retire?

I’m a retiree with no plans of ever again entering the paid work force, but I’m nonetheless really worried about the grim unemployment statistics. I worry about the young people in my life who might be facing long-term joblessness, and I worry about the consequences for our society. Should we do more to encourage those older works who can afford it to retire and make room for young workers? ...more
Yes, I absolutely think we should. I think "will you retire already?" There are young people ...more

Where Will We Ever Find Part-Time, Professional Work?

Recently I ran into a former colleague of mine in my company’s parking garage. I knew she’d recently had a baby, but I couldn’t remember when. I recognized the frenzied look of a new mother who’d only recently begun leaving her babe in daycare. We started talking, and I realized this was her first week back to work. My stomach lurched for her. Even after three and a half years, I still get that feeling sometimes, but that first week back, I felt physically ill all day long. ...more
An interesting read and I agree with you 100%.   However, I don't believe this just applies to ...more