Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?

As the U.S. unemployment rate increases--at 6.5 percent, it has reached a 14-year high--and President Bush's tenure winds down, all eyes are on President-elect Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress set to take the reins in Washington in January. Will the new leadership provide relief? Continue reading "Can President-elect Obama Provide Relief from Our Unemployment Angst?" » ...more

Rise in Jobless Rate Requires More Intense Effort from Job Hunters

The unemployment numbers for August are out and it isn't pretty. In Ohio, the jobless rate rose to a 16-year high of 7.4% - well above the national rate of 6.1%. A highly-competitive job markets means that job hunters have their work cut out for them. Many job hunters tend to look intensely at first. After a few weeks, they lose their sense of urgency and put their job search efforts on cruise control. Getting better, faster results in your job search requires quite a bit more... Read Fine-tune Your Job Search in a Competitive Job Market to learn three ways that you must do more than your competitors to be successful in a tight job market. ...more