Senate Passes Jobs Bill - What Will The House Do With It?

This week, the U.S. Senate passed HR 2847, the jobs bill, by a more than comfortable margin: ...more

The Jobs bill is a start. 


Experts Call Small Business Stimulus "Good Political Theater"

After reading a variety of blog posts, talking with a Professor of Finance, and the President of the Independent Community Bankers of Minnesota, my reaction to the proposed $30B stimulus for small business loans is sadly: "money, money everywhere, and not a dime to keep." ...more

Recovery Act: Saving and Creating Jobs, Laying Foundation for Economic Growth

One year ago, our nation was headed toward an economic collapse, shedding an average of 600,000 jobs a month. State and local budget cutbacks were putting teachers’ jobs – and our students’ education – in peril. Our economy was in need of emergency triage that would immediately begin to save and create jobs and lay the foundation for longer-term economic growth. One year after its enactment, it is clear that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is meeting these core goals. ...more

Freelance Jobs Projects

Freelance Job Website provides freelance projects and freelance job listings made available at leading freelance provider sites...more

Mentor, Find One Who Propels You. I Did.

In life one hopes to be lucky enough to find a mentor- someone who helps to mold the person you dream of becoming one day. This person lifts you, guides you, and inspires you to be the best – often resulting in something you didn’t even know you were capable of. This person is Maureen Haynes-Starr. Maureen was my mentor over 15 years ago and firmly holds that position today....more

Why Money Won't Buy You Happiness: What Really Makes Life Rich

I was talking with a friend recently about life and the many different detours and paths it seems to take. The discussion turned to money and we both realized that as we grow older the almighty dollar becomes less significant in terms of measuring contentment and happiness....more




interesting thoughts! 


I ...more

My first entry 12-30-09

 Wow, this is year is almost over, I am really looking forward to a new start in the New Year!. Our whole family is ready for that.  I am going on to doing new adventures this next year, I have always wanted to write and have had some things published when I was much, (much) younger.       I know this is not a normal post but it is my first one on here. I am just really trying to get the feel for this blog.  I like the concept of the but now I just need to figure all the ins and outs of it. ...more

Business Advice. Have You Received Any That Really Made A Difference In Your Career?

As the senior executive was presenting to the class, a man at the very front table dozed off, head dropping to his chin. I watched in horror, hoping beyond hope he wouldn't start snoring. No one moved to nudge him. As the facilitator, I knew it was up to me to do something. It was only 20 minutes into the presenter's 90-minute slot, and anyone who's seen a participant catch a little shuteye mid-presentation knows how disconcerting it can be -- for presenters and audience alike. ...more

Which I think many women tend to do unconsciously. I am now very good at being ...more

Gloria Steinem: It's Not a Man's World or a Woman's Nation

We at WVFC have been excited about Maria Shriver's A Woman's Nation project, which is being highlighted this weeek on NBC-TV. (At the bottom of the post, see Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm talk to Shriver on the Today Show.) Look here tomorrow for word from our own Diane Vacca, evaluating the new report issued this week by Shriver and her team....more