Jockey Custom Fit Bra Review

When I got home from BlogHer'13, of course I had to try on the cups that we got from Jockey's new custom tailored fit bra. I'm always on the quest to find something comfortable to hold up the ladies. I  gasped at the retail price of $60 but Jockey gave us a 30 dollar off coupon.  I figured what the heck I'll give it a try nothing seems to ever control these girls way they should.  After going to BlogHer, I decided maybe I should start wearing foam cups, for modesty.  Every single picture of me from Chicago, well you can see my nipples! ...more
Well, I found out there is a Jockey outlet near me, so I went & found out. The cup 10 is no ...more

8 Things to Do with Those Tit Cups from BlogHer '13 and Jockey

I got a lot of swag  at my first BlogHer conference. Some of it was really cool and some I could have done without (like the 16 oz. bottle of Lubriderm which was travel-unfriendly). However, the most interesting  piece of swag that was even trending on Twitter almost immediately, were Jockey's "tit cups" (as they were labled by the blogosphere).Here are 8 things you can do with your 'tit cups' if you haven't thrown them out yet.1. Use them as a snack bowl for your kids or at your work station...more

Update: With All of Us at her Back, It's Rachel Alexandra

by Chris Lombardi It happened in one minute and 55 seconds, too quickly to cheer properly: the first filly since 1924 to win the iconic Preakness Stakes. "The lady is a champ," The Daily News reported gleefully: ...more