Thank You Jodie

On the night of the Golden Globe Awards I watched the news as my husband cooked lemon garlic pork chops and mustard greens. Our plan was a quiet dinner. We had no intention of watching the awards show; it’s really not our thing. But during a commercial break from the news, I caught a glimpse of the red carpet interviews....more

Jodie, Jodie, Jodie

Much of the internet is still buzzing over Jodie Foster's acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award at Sunday's Golden Globes. Some people are calling it a "coming out" speech. Others are disappointed that she wasn't more clear, more political, in her delivery. Sheesh....more

Complexities of Coming Out: The Jodie Foster Edition

I remember the first time I said it. It was late on a Saturday night and I had just taken a shower and was staring at myself in the bathroom mirror and I said, "I am a lesbian." I had never been attracted to a woman and had never questioned my sexuality but then I was and I did and that's how I found myself looking into that mirror, alone with my realization. I spent a little time bargaining...maybe it was just this woman...maybe I was just lonely...maybe I was bored. ...more
Where have I been - I didn't hear about her speach and coming out in such a powerful way. Your ...more

Why I Don't Judge Jodie Foster. Well, Yeah, I Do.

Jodie Foster came out during her Golden Globe speech last night.Twitter and Facebook exploded as the LGBTQ community dissected her every word, gesture and the fact that it took her 50 years (well, say 30.) The straight community pretty much said "what the hell is she talking about?" and/or "wait, Jodie Foster wasn't out yet?"There's no "right" way for a celebrtiy to come out. A rambling speech on live television is one approach. An obituary like Sally Ride is another. People Magazine. 60 Minutes. Barbara Walters. New York Times. Sometimes we cheer, sometimes we jeer. ...more

Amy and Tina Rocked The Golden Globes; Plus Argo, Les Mis, Homeland, Girls, and Jodie!

The 70th Annual Golden Globes did not disappoint. (Well, at least not for the winners and those of us watching from the many upsets!) Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may well go down as the most successful hosts in the history of the show -- the jokes were on point, the deliveries were killer, and the chemistry between those two ladies is impossible to deny (although was it just me, or did Kristin Wiig seem just the tiniest bit icy?)...more
I loved will ferrell and kristin wiig talking about the movies they saw ,hhilarious.!!more


Blog DirectoryThe last movie I saw:-It’s the most domesticated role I’ve seen Jodie Foster in since Little Man Tate. And that’s when she was a single mom from a teenage pregnancy. So I’m not sure that counts.-Kate Winslett looked so comfortable throwing up over and over that I wondered in real life if she was actually bulimic....more