Sometimes I try to be a proper normal parent

Blimey, things have been so bloody hectic recently that I have been struggling to create the time to write my blog. But, I have to say that the root cause of the problem is generally me, so I can't complain too vehemently. For example, on Monday, I said to Izzy; "would you like a friend to come round to our house for dinner and a playdate?" "Yes!!!" Izzy shouted, jumping up and down with joy. That reaction always makes me feel like a pumped up Mother Theresa. ...more

Letter to My Heart

Pentru inima mea:(For my heart) I've been thinking of how to "talk" to you, my Heart, about all that we've been through these last 23 years together. At first I felt like apologizing for all of the pain I allowed to be brought upon you. Or maybe I would reminisce with you about all the ups and downs, the crazy roller coaster we've been on ever since my first kiss in 10th grade... ...more

Video: Our Economy, Our Future

Focusing in on the importance of families and women, Michelle Obama discusses the Obama-Biden planned legislation to help the american economy. Issues addressed include the problem of paid leave time that many employers refuse to provide because, under the current laws, they don't have to. I was already sold on Obama, anyway, but this plan definitely helps me feel more sure and more certain that my family's most important interests are definitely being paid some attention this time around. Awesome! Enjoy!   ...more