President Obama Delivers His Valedictory State of the Union

On the night that Barack Obama first won election to the White House, he announced to a cheering crowd, "Change has come to America."  In 2008, millions of Americans weary of a deep recession, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan hoped, and Obama promised a new spirit of optimism and bipartisan cooperation: ...more
Hi Dr. Pearson! Great summary. I couldn't agree more that Pres. Obama "got more of his agenda ...more

Thrill in the 'Ville: Martha Raddatz Referees Biden and Ryan

Vice Presidential candidate debates are rarely considered important, but in a race still too close to call, Paul D. Ryan and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. took the stage with the potential to take the election for their respective tickets. By the time the dust cleared in what was themed “The Thrill in the ‘Ville” at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky, neither man had managed to raise the level of recent divisive discourse to anything like meaningful dialogue....more
The debate was interesting. Raddatz did not do a good job controlling Biden's rude and crash ...more

Debate #2: Simmer Down Reps, Biden's Winning this Round

Republicans, brace yourselves for a loss. After a victorious debate for challenger Gov. Mitt Romney, stakes are high for President Obama's running mate, Vice President Joe Biden, going into his debate with Rep. Paul Ryan Thursday evening - and odds are the elder statesman will win this playground fight. Two reasons this outcome seems inevitable:...more
@Aimee Whetstine Indeed I am. Perhaps long enough to hang himself? We'll see.more

Ending Violence Against Women Is About Jobs, Housing & Protecting Kids Too

It's a cliche but I've had a full circle moment. I've gone from a girl who saw her mom being beaten, saw her father being arrested, and who couldn't sleep with the lights off until a few years ago... to being the mother of a son who lives in a safe, healthy household with a father who protects him... to being invited to be in a room full of change agents who are working daily to end violence. ...more
My husband was sentenced in Fl for repeated domestic violence and ended up spending a year in ...more

Fur Flies Between Coons and O'Donnell in Delaware Senate Debate

Christine O'Donnell quickly made a name for herself in this year's election as a mini-Palin, due to a similar hairstyle and some nonsensical remarks, but last night, she fought hard in her own way during the Delaware Senate debate. Shown on CNN and, O'Donnell, a marketing consultant and the Republican candidate to fill Vice President Biden's open seat, went up against Chris Coons, Democratic nominee, an attorney and county council officer. ...more

Good point Melissa! And if the polls are to be believed, it looks like the voters of Delaware ...more

White House Closes Loophole in Title IX Legislation

Today United States Vice President Joe Biden announced that the White House was withdrawing a Bush Administration interpretation of Title IX policy. The policy in question allowed for a loophole that allowed for a less than strict compliance with the rules of Title IX.From Jill Dougherty, CNN:...more

Curse Worthy Times

Lately everyone has been on this rampage about VP Joe Biden and his foul mouth.  They've also exposed other political pundits when they thought that they weren't mic'd.  ...more

Joe Biden, And Me

I called my friend Annie and told her, “Joe Biden is now the symbol for working women over the age of 50.”    ...more

What conservatives fear most in the first 100 days

I have my own personal concerns about this topic, many of which match those of others, but I wanted to let some of these conservative bloggers and Twitterers speak out for themselves.  ...more

Biden in the Doghouse

When frankly-speaking Joe Biden first entered the political race, there were bets about his first gaffe. Well, it's finally here - though much cuter and fuzzier than expected. Jill Biden made good on an election promise and got her husband a long-desired dog, thereby, beating Obama to the puppy finish line. However, Biden's choice of a pure-bred German shepherd puppy from a breeder has upset a number of animal lovers, including PETA. ...more