Is a Bi-Partisan Cabinet Emerging - and Can It Help Us Heal?

Depends on who you ask. I've heard from more Democrats than I can count that Barack Obama's numerous appointments of centrist Clinton remnants have them feeling baited and switched; I've heard from multitudes of conservatives who feel disenfranchised that the only Republican in the promised bi-partisan is hold-ever Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates - who is neither a yardstick for Republicans or guaranteed to keep his job for the first year. (It has been said that Chuck Hagel is in the running for an appointment as well.) ...more

Election '08 Media Coverage: The Highs and The Lows

Halleluljah! The 2008 election is almost over. It's been exciting, inspiring, historic and incredibly contentious. Soon we won't be hearing anymore about John "Mr. Grumpy Puss" McCain and Barack "Mr. Tax and Spend" Obama or Sarah "We're Mavericks" Palin or Joe "I"m From Scranton" Biden. But before we move on to the next act in this political drama, let's take a look back from a media standpoint. In a campaign year when many Americans got their news from the internet: YouTube, Facebook, campaign websites and hundreds of blogs on the internet that helped shape public opinion and motivate voters, it would be a mistake to forget the power the mainstream media (MSM) still holds over shaping a candidate's image. Here are some Election 2008 MSM highs and lows. ...more

Hi Michelle,

After Obama's win maybe now we can put the whole idea of the more

Of socialism, racism, and honest discussion

When you say “socialism,” several things come to mind. The first are the most famous socialists of them all, Germany’s National Socialist party of yore, the goose-stepping Nazis who carved a deep wound into the fleshy world psyche. The second is Mussolini. I also think of the current Spanish government. Then I think of my cruel first grade teacher who once caught me with a bag of candy corn that I brought to school as a lunch snack (that I paid for with my own money). She made me distribute it evenly to every kid in my class “to be fair.” ...more

Hi imperfect parent,

Sorry about the delay in getting this posted. I put all the information ...more

The Biden Beer Bomb

Barack Obama’s running mate (can I call him Joe?) inspired the Biden Beer Bomb, my fourth “Candidate Cocktail”.  Friends and family came over for the final Presidential debate and dined on delicacies from Chicago (My hometown, and Barack’s base of operations).  With comfort foods like Portillo’s Hot dogs and Lou Malnati’s pizza, the Biden cocktail needed to be simple and go down easy with cheesy deep-dish. ...more

the new john mccain

last night's debate needed to happen. ...more

Last night I left my boyfriend for my dead dog and then I lost Joe Biden

Last night I had a dream that I accidentally traveled through time. I woke up in a field of yellow flowers next to Hurley, who was alive and well. So actually, maybe I didn't time travel, maybe I was dead. ...more

Some love her, some hate her

My husband, manly-er than many good men that have come before him, absolutely giddy at watching Sarah Palin in last night's debate. I mean, down-right, school boy, can't wipe that silly smile off his face, kindergarten crush giddy, people. GIDDY! *************************************************************** ...more

McCain's Offensive Scoffing at Medical Errors

Last night John McCain offended me to the core in his Town Hall debate against Barack Obama. While discussing health care issues, McCain scoffed at "medical errors" and even used air quotes when he said the term. His platform addresses his plan for reducing "frivolous" medical malpractice law suits. From his flippant attitude about medical errors last night, it's clear to me that he will make sure that the term "frivolous" is defined with the doctors in mind and with little concern for patients. ...more

You're right. It does come down to judgement. And state of mind. Honestly, I'm not trying to ...more

What is the proper role of the Vice-President ?

Of all the differences between the two major party tickets for the US presidency, one of the most profound may be their disagreement on the limits on the authority that the Constitution grants to the Vice President. That difference emerged in bold relief during last week's vice-presidential debate when Gov. Sarah Palin said: ...more

Both Healy and Glenn Reynolds more

The Lack of a Debate

I joined BlogHer a few months back and the one thing I notice is the blog and people LOVE election season. Either that or no one else can find anything to write about. You go to and it's a bunch of people's opinions on either Obama or McCain. But how does no one see that they are not talking about anything??!? Let me back up real quick... ...more