You Can Tell A Lot About A Man by the Women in His Life


Thanks for correcting the problem with the video.  For the life of me I couldn't get it ...more

Joe vs Sarah the (Unlicensed) Barracuda? And yes, Ted got arrested...

So, um, lipstick? Yes, lipstick is the main story of the day; but why? Is it sexist? Is it a diversion? Is itjust... lipstick? In today's Wilshire & Washington, hosts Ted, Teresa,and Maegan take on the overflowing Palin-spectacular, and ponder otherimportant questions of the day: Can Biden take Palin in a hand-to-hand combat?What's Steve Schmidt's problem, saying the media needs to provide proper"deference" to the Republican VP pick? Does Maegan McCain's claim that her family "understands" war make her fair game? ...more

CHANGE We can believe in . . . delivering the promise

By l.t. Dravis Barack Obama has called on Americans to implement change we can believe in; sounds good, but what does it really mean? ...more

Why Do Blacks Vote for Democratic Presidential Nominee Barack Obama? Must Read for ALL!

I think the Obama Campaign needs to do a better job explaining to the Media that BLACKS/African Americans vote for Barack Obama because he is a Democrat, NOT because he is Black. I watch the News for hours a day, and I keep hearing Blacks are voting 90% for Obama and that is some how reverse racism. The fact is EVERY Year, Blacks vote 90% Democratic! So the fact is, Blacks are loyal to the Democratic Party, not just Barack Obama. I am NOT saying that is a good thing, because I don't think it is, however that is the fact! ...more

Live-blogging Joe Biden

I LOVE that Biden is being introduced through his groundbreaking support of VAWA, the violence against women act. PunditMom is live-blogging the speech over at Momocrats. I love Jill Biden right now- how overwhelming this must be for her. I am so touched by Biden the father. I am so touched by Michelle Obama crying her eyes out. I love that we have men on the podium who are openly emotional- who cry and hug and kiss, father and son. And Biden did a wonderful job of setting apart his life as an underdog's, a fighter's. ...more

It was a great speech, especially at the beginning! I think Biden brings a lot to this ...more

When your running mate has deemed you



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A Look Back at Biden



Obama taps Biden to be running mate, by Liz Sidoti and Nedra Pickler, AP. ...more