How I’m dealing with my depression about health care reform

This is not the way I expected it to turn out. No public option, no Medicare buy–in for people 55-64.  But I don’t want to kill the bill.I spend too much time reading liberal/ progressive blogs and am dismayed by how many on the left are making the argument that it’s better to scuttle this bill. Many thanks to Nate Silver who kept me from falling into this defeatist way of thinking!...more

Lapping up or lamenting Joe Lieberman?

Looking back, it seems kind of crazy, the pre-occupation with What Will They Do To Joe Lieberman? But the truth is, I still can't decide if it really matters or not. ...more

Yup - I agree with you too! Re: Joe made the choices, he should have been made to feel the ...more

Men lie to get women into bed and into the White House

  What's more serious -- a man lying to get a woman into bed, or lying to get her into the White House? Men who should know better -- and my thesis is they do know better, but are lying -- are, with a straight face, telling the nation that Sarah Palin is equipped to become president should circumstances make that necessary. Why isn't this lie an impeachable offense?   ...more

The Man for the Job?

Now that the nominees are set -- barring some unforeseen event, like a "bloodless coup" which brings Hillary Clinton to the forefront, or an invasion of the RNC staged by Ron Paul fans -- so its time to start the wild and irresponsible speculation over who will be the Vice Presidential nominee on the Republican side. Salon already has a theory that I kind of agree with. ...more