(UPDATED) Lisa Murkowski: From Establishment to Outsider in the Alaska Race

Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski has no business being an outsider, write-in candidate fighting to be re-elected....more

Midterm Elections Cringeworthy Comment Roundup: Jim DeMint, Sharron Angle ...

The private encouragement whispered to Jim DeMint for his cringeworthy comments about women and LGBT people is a metaphor for what has gone wrong with our political processes. The cowards behind this hate-filled election year count on bold bigots like and others to carry their water. ...more

You know though, I think the media is made up of the bigger fools. I'm very tired of hearing ...more

Old Spice Parodies Get Political With "Hello Voters"

Grover on Sesame Street -- "I'm on a cow." The "Will It Blend?" guys -- "I'm in a lab coat." And now Joe Miller of Alaska hops on the Old Spice boat. Is he worthy of being the man your man could vote like? ...more