Why can't our first lady have sex with Mick Jagger?

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Hate the Sin, Not the Sinner

It so frustrating to see just how fickle people are sometime. One minute we think we've found the perfect mate, candidate, house, etc. and the next minute for whatever the reason is we do a complete 360. In the news last week John Edwards finally came clean about his extramarital affair. The political pundits now want to say his career is over, if this had hit the press before the Iowa primary - Hillary would have won (thus changing the entire picture) and now folks are theorizing this latest scandal will further separate the already wobbly Democratic party.WHY??? ...more


How many male politicians do you think are burning their little black books and expunging e-mails today, as another of their brotherhood bites the dust from his own lack of zipper control? We have way too much information about John Edwards and his self-described narcissism. Clearly, like any good lawyer, John Edwards can look us straight in the eye and lie like a rug, as he did initially about his affair with Rielle Hunter. ...more

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Gender and Extramarital Affairs

There's nothing like a politician admitting that he got it on with a woman who is not his (powerful) wife to provide an opportunity to explore gender roles and sexuality. Many of us thought that the Elliot Spitzer debacle was a ripe opening to talk about the suffocating Madonna/whore dichotomy that women (and men) suffer through. ...more

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Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton Headline Democratic Convention; Isaac Hayes, RIP

Michelle Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton will headline the first two nights pf the Democratic National Convention, accordng to a statement from the Convention organizers. The Convention will take place August 25-28 in Denver, Colorado. As is customary, the Vice-Presidential nominee will speak on the 27th and Obama will make his nomination acceptance speech on the last night of the convention at the city's famous Mile-High stadium. ...more

Sad, sad day.

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Judge not,


Marriage is so much more than infidelity.  They have enough history to withstand this.  I ...more

John Edwards = Human... What Does That Mean Anyway?

I've been reading about John Edwards and his affair all day. I've gone from incredulous to pissed to sad to resigned. In the height of my pissed-offness, I called my mom to rant. She works for a breast cancer foundation and has what I call a pretty solid moral code, so I thought for sure she would rant right along with me. I mean, Elizabeth was wronged - while undergoing breast cancer treatment. Edwards is a scumbag, right? ...more

Another One Bites the Dust: John Edwards Caught Cheating

Another politician, another scandal. Only this time it's truly a shocker for me. MSNBC just reported that former Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) and one-time presidential hopeful, has acknowledged that he had an extramarital affair during 2006.  ...more

Rielle Hunter should have used her head and should have been ...more

I heard about this while listening to Frangela

on KTLK AM 1150: Al Gore endorses gay marriage. ...more