Edwards: Not Ready To Back Down

Call it a rampant case of TB (True Believerism), but I want to believe in someone the way people used to believe in John F. Kennedy. And John Edwards fed my anger -- and urgency to affect change. I take the words of the Dixie Chicks when I say, "I'm still mad as hell, and I don't have time to go 'round and 'round and 'round." Instead of praying to the porcelain god, we need the unwavering faith of a friend who will remind us that "we are better than this." ...more

And Then There Were Two

As an ardent John Edwards supporter, today is a sad day for me as he announces he is dropping out of the race for the White House. ...more

Tex, Thanks for stopping by. It's great to have the perspective of an ex-pat. I hope you'll be ...more

How Big is Your Caucus

Cross Posted to Future Majority.com Many speculate on the democratic value of the caucus system because it requires people to be available at a specific time where in a primary you have all day long to vote. Thus the Iowa Caucus being held in the eventing and the upcoming Nevada primary being held on a Saturday. A recent post on MyDD explains differences in the two systems and some of the important details for the Nevada Caucus: ...more

NEVADA: Labor backs Obama

Well, Sen. Obama locked up endorsements from the local NV chapters of Culinary Union Workers and the SEIU. That's certainly good for the Senator, but I am scratching my head as to why these labor organizations did not back Edwards. Edwards, who has been running for president since '04, has been fine tuning his campaign to position himself as a champion of labor. Obama...I don't know what he'll do for labor, specifically. ...more

IA Youth Wrap-up and Hillary's Youth Troubles

Kristina reported right after the caucus, greeting us with the most exciting numbers - over 65,000 people under 30 caucused. It was with a tearful eye that I have read, in vindication, the hourly google news alerts that include the words "young voters" that are brought to my inbox. Sunday's San Francisco Chronical chimed in with enthusiasm ...more

Winner Tonight: Young People and New Media

Tonight we saw a huge win for democrats. And it came in the form of enormous turnout for non-establishment candidates. According to numbers from CIRCLE (pdf) ...more

Candidates Gone Wild at Iowa Caucus

Tuesday we encountered the full Iowa Caucus experience. ...more

Change is it.

My colleague Mary Katharine Ham hit the nail on the head when she dubbed Saturday night’s Democratic debate in New Hampshire as a competition to be the “changiest.” No doubt, change is it. Some bloggers I know have a drinking game where they down a shot whenever Giuliani mentions “9-11.” Perhaps I should start one where each mention of the c-word merits a shot. Saturday night’s debate hall was an electric environment no doubt. The highlight of my evening came while Elizabeth Edwards was “spinning” for Edwards after the debate. She was mobbed by reporters, but as she was on her way out, I stepped up and asked her for a photo, "for BlogHer", and Elizabeth stopped and broke into a smile - "Anything for BlogHer!" she said. So cool. Mrs. Edwards, if you ever decide to run… ...more

As usual, Morra is thoughtful and independent. And Ms. A, I mostly agree with you - and love ...more

Young Voters Could Decide Iowa Caucus

The following blog originally appeared on Wiretapmag.com Sunday, CNN posted a piece on their 2008 Politics page that claims the student vote might be the deciding factor in the January 3 Iowa Caucus. ...more

Couldn't agree more with this statement:

"my Christmas Wish is that this will ...more

Hillary Clinton draws out big guns in Iowa, her mother and daughter

Facing Oprah and Obama, the O-O! whammy, Hillary Clinton brought her own powerhouses to Iowa yesterday, and I don't mean Bill and his charisma. She greeted crowds with her 88-year-old mother Dorothy Rodham and 27-year-old daughter Chelsea Clinton by her side. Multiple journalists, bloggers, and pundits conclude America's only female presidential candidate hoped to weaken "the Oprah effect", America's most powerful talk-show host and possible king-maker crowning Barack Obama as "the one*." ...more