How many presidential votes can the right spouse get you?

What's your opinion of the different presidential candidates' spouses? Does your opinion of Bill Clinton (as potential First Gentleman), Elizabeth Edwards, Michelle Obama or Ann Romney factor into how your feel about their running spouses at all? ...more

Hi, Stefania. I believe you thought the issues over. :-) Nevertheless, I've noticed quite a ...more

Hillary Clinton and the fake farmers: Is she too corporate a candidate?

I want Hillary Clinton to be the next president (because she takes the lead on policies like these ). But I harbor no illusions that she is a “change” candidate. Two recent stories only serve to confirm this. Both leave me a with a bad taste in my mouth…metallic, like money. Like lots of corporate money given to Clinton and her advisors. As Barbara at MahaBlog notes, big money has been edging over to Democrats recently (be sure to read Paul Krugman’s column here). But Hillary’s fake farmer lunch kind of takes the cake. ABC’s Jake Tapper writes of an upcoming Clinton campaign briefing for “Rural Americans.” The catch is it’s being held at Monsanto’s Washington, DC lobbying firm. You read that right: Monsanto, about which there are serious questions about its culpability regarding 56 Superfund Sites, wanton and "outrageous" pollution, and the decidedly unkosher (and quite metaphoric) genetically-bred "Superpig." …A company that the website "Ethical Investing" labels "the world's most unethical and harmful investment."… ...more

Hillary Clinton is the corporate sponsored candidate supported by more

What do Women Voters Want?

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You are what you wear (or ARE you?)

This week, in Important Political News, we learned that Hillary Clinton has breasts, that John McCain is blaming his campaign woes on his gay sweaters, and that John Edwards requires a LOT of hair spray. And while it is difficult to fight the urge to say WHO CARES? ...more

The most important point of the news feeds and looks, really relates to Hillary in Pink and John ...more