5 Thanksgiving Comedy-Dramas to Get You in the Mood for Holiday Cheer

What is your vision of an enjoyable family Thanksgiving dinner?  Perhaps the crisp, colorful fall day has relatives shaking off the cold as they enter your festive home warmed by a crackling fire, tantalizing aromas and a perfectly roasted turkey ready to be carved.  Or maybe not.  If you haven’t seen your relatives for months, do you end up gathering to feast or fight or both?  Does this sudden intimacy make you proud to share your adult accomplishments with the group or feel like you should be sitting at the children’s table? ...more
Lisa Thomson I'm so glad you enjoyed my movie list for Thanksgiving.  You can purchase Home for ...more

When John Hughes Matters Most

  I don’t know how many Oscar ceremonies I’ve seen, but this year’s was the first that made me feel something other than fat and unfashionable. I’m talking about that lengthy, complex tribute to director John Hughes, the mastermind behind Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club and the guru of my adolescence....more

It's called Don't You Forget About Me: Contemporary writers on the films of John Hughes. I've ...more

Trends and Tributes

The trend toward 80s nostalgia soldiers on and aging gen x'ers wax nostalgic about their teen years and millennials, well, just think it's "cool."The deaths of Michael Jackson and more recently, iconic film director, John Hughes, brought a rash of interest in their past work. Michael Jackon's albums once again topped the Billboard charts. ...more