Brrrr #ArizonaGirl

 Funny how every summer, I promise myself not to act like a wimp once the weather cools down. Yet, here I went running in a thick hoodie in the middle of the day....more

Brain stimulation for OCD turns man into a huge Johnny Cash fan! (seriously)

File this under B for "bizarre."A 59-year-old man who received deep brain stimulation for his severe obsessive compulsive disorder (in the Netherlands) had great success. After 6 weeks he was "very confident, calm and assertive" and even started to refer to himself as "Mr. B. II" because he thought of himself as being new and improved....more

Egg-Sucking Hound

Egg-sucking hound ...more

Death and Johnny Cash: Tips for Getting Your Estate in Order

"When do we die, Mommy?" "Why did Johnny Cash die?" Those are the questions posed by Darling 1 last night as he was going to bed clad in his firefighter t-shirt and clutching his fireman helmet, just in case he got called out to fight a fire during the night....more

Yes! Getting started is probably the hardest part. The next hardest is choosing your attorney ...more

Undiscovered Christmas Carol Gems: The Come to Jesus Edition

No one has yet mounted a credible challenge to my assertion that I have the world's largest, most eclectic and eccentric Christmas music collection. So I still hold the crown, and I'm uniquely qualified to steer you away from the tried and true, the boring and overplayed to the fresh, the different and the undiscovered in holiday music. ...more