Joining Forces and The Elizabeth Dole Foundation to Focus on Military Caregivers in 2014

Yesterday I learned some sobering statistics about military caregivers from Joining Forces. 5.5 million Americans are caring for ill or wounded service members and veterans. Of those 5.5 million, 1.1 million of those spouses, parents, and friends are providing care to a US veteran who served since 9/11....more

Joining Forces Continues to Support Military Families

Dr. Biden also recognized that while the White House continues to find ways to support military families, military bloggers -- moms or not -- have already stepped to the plate when it comes to being a constant source of support that knows no physical boundaries. "In today's social media world, you all as bloggers have expanded what it means to be part of your community. You have taken the military community to a whole new level," Dr. Biden pointed out. ...more

Where Are The Next Power Women?

Everybody agrees to the logic of broadly pronounced claim that “Only Companies who have the best talent win”. However, in reality only very rarely a woman is upweighted alongside with her promoted male boss. Only very rarely a woman succeeds another woman into the board rooms of the corporate world. Does that imply scarcity of talent among women? Definitely not. In the present knowledge economy that struggles with waves of economical crisis open discussion about women in leadership is relevant more than ever before....more

The Other 99%: Supporting Military Families

Raise your hand if you or your partner serve in the military. I'm willing to bet that the majority of us are still sitting here with our hands by our side. This is because less than 1% of Americans are part of an active military family. When I went to the White House earlier this year, a staffer said something that resonated with me: "1% of the population is serving, and 100% should be aware of their sacrifice." ...more
Thank you so much for this. As a veteran with a husband still active duty and serving in ...more