How to clean like a rockstar

Hire a cleaning service and pay the bill. Ok,ok that was bad I wish I could do that. Seriously, I don't know anything about cleaning like a rock star, unless it involves singing to loud music and using my broom as a microphone.  I guess my advice would be don't try to save money by getting a cheap vacuum cleaner. I have one that cleans multiple surfaces including carpet, tile and hardword. I have learned that the more expensive ones work better and last longer.  I bet rockstars have expensive vacuum cleaners as well. ...more

The Joke's on Us

(Source)In one of my classes, each of us was supposed to prepare a performance response to something that came up during the term.  Being a class on the theory of comedy, there were multiple discussions on what the line was in offensive comedy, and something the lecturer said over and over again was "Comedy changes the situation".  There's nothing wrong with comedy offending someone if the point of offending them is to get them to think about their assumptions, because that's a change in the situation.  In discussing with my lecturer one-on-one, we talked about how so often comedy just targets people who already get the short end of the stick in society, rehashing tired old stereotypes and only serving to put those people down.  This has bothered me for a long time, and this is what I decided to address in my performance response, and I knew that the way I had to do so was through slam poetry....more

Let's Play "Find the Penis!"

There. If that title doesn't bring in the pervies, nothing will. Actually, I'm already bringing in the pervies just fine....more

Dealing with the Annoying....

Everyone has a job.  It's how they make ends meet, maintain a standard of living and have a bit of fun.  But that doesn't mean that I have to like every single job out there.I particularly dislike any type of sales person.  This includes car salespeople, telemarketers and anyone else who deliberately inserts their presence into my daily life....more

I Thought It Was a Joke

In typical Cafemom style, one post of mine has started a mutiny in one of the popular groups. On April Fools Day, the picture and post of a can of Chocolate Toddler Formula started floating around facebook. Several of my friends posted a link, and when I finally clicked on it, I was SHOCKED!  It was a REAL product!!!!...more

What I do to get even with my PC (Prince Charming)

  PC and I have a healthy relationship. One thing that keeps thing interesting is our (mine) sense of humor.   You see, sometimes, my PC has his moments. When he is short with me, ignore me or what I tell him, buys the wrong thing, expect me to do ALL the cleaning or blames my tears on my PMS, I get even (I am wicked).   ...more

Softener Sheets

My boyfriend's biggest pet peeve with me (yes, I've been able to keep a man despite my slovenly ways) is my treatment of softener sheets.  He can't understand why I never throw them away after I use them.  He finds them on the floor, under the bed, on the bed, and floating throughout the house....more

Are You A Slob? A Quiz

On the floor of your bedroom there are... One or two stray papers lying around and maybe a pair of shoesA huge pile of laundry in a basket waiting to be hung up and some dirty dishes from a midnight snackI am not sure there is still a floor under there  ...more

Cat's in the Cradle

Remember when your mom used to get that look in her eye like a fortune teller with a chip on her shoulder and say, “One of these days, you’re going to have a kid JUST LIKE YOU!”?  I believed she could make it happen because my mom...[Read More...] ...more

The Funny Thing Is, Rape Isn't Funny

Damn, this is rough. Kind of like a scarlet letter except funnier. Anjeannette certainly seems to have taken it well, and I guess it could've been worse. The local press might've been forced to wear the Reno 911 badges. ...more