The Only Possible Upside to Saying Goodbye to Jon Stewart Is If Sam Bee and Jessica Williams Get the Job

When one door closes, it's tempting to jump out a window. And after Jon Stewart surprised us with his resignation from The Daily Show this week, I was considering it. But wait! Before we give up hope, let's consider this. His seat behind the wooden desk and in front of that totally fake-looking blue map is empty. There will be no more imitating George W. Bush's six-grade laugh or slamming the business end of a book on the table in front of the camera after interviewing yet another American intellectual about the state of our union. ...more
There both awesome! I'd love either one to host.more

Babbling in D.C.

I love Jon Stewart. I wish my husband and I could be in his circle of friends. I do. I love his wonderful insights on all things, especially when it pertains to the imbeciles, our dedicated men and women in Washington. Who needs the NY Times, The Huffington Post (sorry, Arianna), Fox News (just kidding) when I've got Jon Stewart? But I digress....more

Are Unmarried Couples “Lewd and Lascivious”? Some States Think So

“Are you f***ing kidding me?” Jon Stewart asks that question often on The Daily Show, but I don’t think it has ever seemed as applicable as when he asked it in response to the state of Virginia forbidding two heterosexual people to live together while unmarried. ...more
This man has done 'infinitely' more for women (myself included) than all the phony unholy ...more

Mirth Monday - In Cold Blood

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home In honor of the first snow that we finally got this winter, I present to you:My sister Mary Birdsong a number of years ago on the Jon Stewart show....more

Ira Glass and Violent Video Games, thank you Jon Stewart

Tying in with my post of last week about violent video games, The Daily Show has applied some of their own (unique) perspective. Clearly they read my blog. For those of you with short attention spans, or those of you who are actually squirrels, you should watch the one-minute round-up from the Daily Show....more

I'm kind of over Jon Stewart

That's right, I said it. I'm kind of over The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I watched a lot during the Bush administration, not every night, but often. Then Colbert came around, and I just found him funnier. By the time the 10 o'clock hour comes around, I'm more interested in laughing, not serious politics, which is where Jon Stewart has gone. Don't get me wrong, I entertained the idea of heading to DC for his rally. And sure, he has his jokes, but his whiny voice just feels like nails in my brain. He takes himself very, very seriously....more

Rally to Restore Sanity: How Being Reasonable Is Like Having a Cyclops Guinea Pig

The costumes were probably the best part of the rally. Beyond the inexplicable human bananas or Scooby Doos were the beautiful drag queens and the numerous zombies. Actually, the best part of the rally was the signs. Beyond the non sequiturs such as "I love waffles!" they ranged from truly moving ("Legalize Peace" held by an earnest, elderly lady) to truly hysterical ("What do we want? Brains! And when do we want it? Brains!"). ...more

My husband and I recently moved to D.C., and I'm so glad we're in a city that holds events like ...more

Yes, I'm Going to the Rally to Restore Sanity

And because people are on a hair trigger. People don't even read blog posts anymore. They just skim to see if the person is in agreement with their ideology, and if they're not, they unleash their displeasure on them. Twitter is no longer the fun place to discover what someone is considering eating for lunch. Now I need to wade through people writing inflammatory statements just to upset others. ...more

I wish I could've gone. Instead, I promoted it on Facebook several times. We could use some ...more

Halloween Costumes for the Pop Culture Inclined: Sookie, Snooki, Colbert and Zuckerberg!

So invitations to Halloween costume parties are posted on your fridge door with alerts programmed into your Blackberry, but what's your plan? Oh, sure, you could just go as a ghost or a cat (yawn), just as you did in 1981, '85, '91, and '97 -- but where's the fun in that? And you certainly don't want to buy a prepacked "adult sexy gypsy" costume, because that's just, well, sad. No, you are a woman of today! You want a costume that says, "I know what year it is, it's 2010, and my costume is au courant!" ...more

the Sexame Street! I went to a Halloween party a couple years ago and someone dressed as Flo, ...more

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Shariah, and Democracy

I started this post wondering: how did this man go from being considered an exemplar of moderate Islam commissioned by the Bush and Obama administrations as a good will ambassador to Muslim nations, to being painted as a stalking horse for Hamas, Iran and global jihad with a stealth plan to impose Islamic law on the United States? While I found answers to those questions, I became more interested in understanding his ideas, and their implications for engagement between Muslims and Western societies....more
Thanks for this insightful article. Personally I also liked ...more