BlogHer 2013: The Social and the Savvy (Part 1)

It's now been four days and counting since I got back from BlogHer 2013 (#BlogHer13) and the adrenaline rush of being "social" butterfly Estelle, is slowly dissipating amidst the daily onslaught of my "mom"  responsibilities, from doing six loads of laundry, to cleaning up messes, to dealing with temper tantrums, to organizing like a banshee three supremo playdates for my four-year-old daughter, one after another (sprinkler park, beach trip, pool/shopping trip)....more

Tell Us: How Has Social Media Changed Your Life?

Social media has literally changed my life to the point where it's unrecognizable at times from the life I led before I started blogging.  I still remember that first night, lying on the sofa while my husband set up my blog for me (I was technophobic and didn't think I could figure out Blogger).  I had no clue where I would end up just a few years later.  Forget career changes and published books; I had no inkling the amazing people I would meet along the way.  People I would have never met if not for connecting in cyberspace simply because our physical worlds were too far apart. ...more
JuliaRosien Was thinking about you today! I know you're busy so sending a quick {hug} to you :)more

Turning Online Friends into Real Life BFFs

The Bloggess Jenny Lawson, Owning PInk's Lissa Rankin, and BlogHer Co-Founder Jory Des Jardins...more

Twin Sisters Jory and Julie Buy Twin Audis

What are the odds of a pair of twin sisters buying exactly the same car at the same time for the same reasons? Well, that is exactly what happened, kind of freaky, huh? Behavior geneticists compare how alike one twin is with the other twin on whatever variable they are interested in; in my case this study is about two twin sisters named Jory and Julie and their car-buying behavior. ...more


Bet you have some amazing twin Mom stories! A Toyota Prius good for you I am also ...more

Behind the Scenes with BlogHer Founders: How Blogging Works for Women

July 24th, 2009 kicks off the largest conference for women bloggers in the world.  Bloggers from all over are convening in Chicago to connect in real life including the See Jane Do team.  We went behind the scenes with BlogHer founders, Jory Des Jardins and Elisa Camahort to learn blogging basics and essentials, why blogging works for women, and the steps that led to this incredible online community for women. ...more

Do You Need a Sleep Makeover?

Look into my eyes. You're feeling sleepy... Very sleepy...  ...more

Parenting, sacrifices, and your work

I was moved to respond when I read Jory’s post questioning if there is ever a right time to have a kid if you’re serious about your career. I recently had a baby. Jory, you write that you fear “the underlying sacrifice that has, time and again, come with the responsibility of children.” I thought I would share with you some sage advice- not my own. ...more

Thanks, Morra, for your generous acknowledgement.  I'm impressed with the ...more

Podcast: Jory Des Jardins and Lisa Belkin talk about women, careers and parenting

I've read Lisa Belkin's pieces for The New York Times for years, and Friday I had a chance to speak with her about how couples are finding innovative ways of managing their careers and households, how she got on the "Balance Beat", what was really the intention behind her now-famous article, "The Opt-Out Revolution," and her take on the question, will CEOs ever get flextime? ...more