Why the MacBook Air Is Just "Meh" for Authors

I'm a big Apple Mac fan. Always have been-- Until now....more

San Francisco, it's a happening! Join me tonight at "Why There Are Words"

Hi, All! I would love to see/meet pinkies who might enjoy this literary salon, across San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge, in Sausalito....more

Working Moms Now Have an Advocate in the White House

If this New York Times article is correct, working mothers will now truly have a friend looking out for their best interests in the country's new presidential administration: Michelle Obama. To quote the Times: "As first lady, Mrs. Obama has said, she plans to make herself an advocate for working parents, particularly military families, urging better access to child care for all. Trying to juggle public duties with two young children, she will be a living illustration of the very issue she describes. ...more

I have been severly castigated by friends as one being a traitor to their gender for not ...more

Palin-oscopy: Examining Why Sassy Sarah Hits All Our Hot Buttons

Dick Cheney was a self-serving Oilcon flunky. Dan Quayle was a lightweight imbecile. Despite what has preceded her,  Sarah Palin will still go down in history as the most ill-conceived veep nominee in history. And that’s a shame for women, and the rights they strive for: in regard to healthcare,  Social Security, civil, and of course reproductive. ...more

Sarah Palin: The Audacity of Gall

Sarah Palin has the audacity of gall. She portends to represent the Joe Sixpacks of the country. But apparently no bubbas were in her entourage as she strolled through Saks, Neiman-Marcus (a.k.a Needless Mark-Up), Bloomies, Macy’s and ...more

Christopher Buckley Endorses Obama: Welcome to the Other Side

For years now, I've had a love affair with the Right Wing satirist and novelist, Christopher Buckley. Unfortunately, it's one-sided and only cerebral: I'm hooked on his books. ...more

He's a joy to read. Seriously, watching him, though trying to (excuse the overplayed phrase) ...more

Palin’s Homespun Homilies on Healthcare: Her Reality Bites

You decide...You decide...If you have not yet read New York Times columnist Paul Krugman's article that compares the healthcare plans of presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain, I hope you take the time now to do so. In fact, I've posted it here, below. Here are some facts that you should be aware of:* 1. Nearly 47 million Americans have no health insurance. 2. 8.5 percent of these are children under the age of eighteen. 3. As for women in general: - Between the ages of 18-24, 24.7% are uninsured. ...more