Leaving my mom legacy

As I sit on the airplane, it rocks back and forth, lurches and lifts and fights the turbulence. It’s one of the ways I imagine I’ll die, a plane crash. So, is this it? Actually I’m writing this as it happens so either some day this will be posted online or it will sit forever swallowed by the Gulf of Mexico....more

The BEST Gift - Clarity & Journaling

Journaling is a wonderful tool for self discovery, reflection, organization and overall gaining clarity of thoughts. Grab a cup of coffee, a pen, paper, and write down exactly what you’re thinking… no filter. With your busy schedule, I’m sure some time alone with your thoughts would do wonders! ...more

Creating Memories: An Easy Way to Journal about Your Kids

A short and sweet way to record daily events in your life....more

DIY: Add Pockets to Your Journal

Journaling has always been a passion of mine, and I love to integrate it into a planner. That way I can see each day what I did throughout the year. One of the hardest part about that though is that Most journals and even planners simply don't have enough pockets! I like to be able to store all of my important information and business cards and the like. ...more
I like this idea! This would work really well in some of my smaller journals.more


What thoughts do you need to disentangle? Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more

My Gratitude Practice Has Changed Me

Over the past few years I have become aware of how my daily gratitude practice has changed how I look at everyday situations and in exchange has changed me.Many people are born with more optimistic personalities while others typically see the ne...more

Journal Exercise: Establishing Beliefs in Root Chakra

Amber @ TheHolistic Foodie.com ...more

Gratitude & Journals

Lifelong LearningThe world can bombard us with negatives: frightening news events, inconsiderate people, disappointing interactions. But research is showing that cultivating a sense of gratitude can help us switch our focus and remind us of the good things happening in our life right now. Establishing a daily practice of identifying “What Went Right Today,” and feeling thankful for it, can do wonders for our happiness and health. Let’s help our kids figure out how to do this too. Setting aside a little time to recall moments of gratitude associated with our daily life can help create a life filled with gratitude and thankfulness. If your children are younger, how about a little quiet time with Mom or Dad remembering a few positive things from their day? Did something happen today that they handled well?Did someone say something that made them happy?Did they experience something exciting or see something new? If your kids enjoy writing, how about a Gratitude Journal? There’s no right or wrong way to create one – whatever works best for you is your answer. Record somewhere between 3-5 things you’re grateful for on that particular day. You can write a quick list, or expand a little on each one. So here are some suggestions for your journal – modify as you like:...more

Connecting the Dots


Twenty Years of Journaling

As a kid who read Holocaust memoirs and most every thing written by V.C. Andrews, I had this morbid fantasy about dying young and having my diary, you know, live on and touch the world. Well, thank gawd that did not happen. Because after perusing two decades worth of diaries this weekend, I can tell you with certainty, I'm no Anne Frank. I am, however, a prolific journaler. (Journalist?) ...more
@Julie McKee Heinrich I'm with you. I've been in a dry patch lately, but am looking forward to ...more