On Unsavvy Video Game Parenting and Providing Interviews to People Who Publish a Full Year Later

During the second week in December of 2012, Venture Beat magazine writer Ryan Perez, called me for an  interview about parenting and video games. He must have called BlogHer co-founder Elisa Camahort Page as well.  I know he must have called Elisa because last week, because on January 6, 2014 the article was finally published. ...more

Dear Leonard Pitts, "Citizen Journalism" Is Not the Enemy. Lying Is.

Your larger point - that a lot of people who call themselves "citizen journalists" are, like O'Keefe more interested in advancing an ideology than in the pursuit of truth - is best served when we hold professional news organizations to the standards to which we claim to subscribe. That's where critics of the news media who like to cite the transgressions of such former reporters as Jayson Blair, Jack Kelley, Janet Cooke, Mitch Albom and other plagiarists and fabulists miss the point....more

No Jill, I haven't sent it to him, but that is a good suggestion. I was stunned by the tone of ...more

What Sense Can We Make of WikiLeaks in Top Secret America?

In the last two weeks, two stories have made national news that  posed challenges for journalists on the national security beat: the Washington Post's blockbuster investigation of the sprawling national security empire that has emerged since 9/11, and Wikileaks' online publication of tens of thousands of internal military documents related to the Afghan War. Taken together, the stories raise important questions about the nature of journalism and the state of public discourse. ...more

Thanks, Melissa. I'm starting to think that one of our shortcomings as journalists is that we ...more

The Ethics of "Always on Camera": Olympic Luger's Death Creates Dilemma for Journalists

When Nodar Kumaritashvili met his tragic end last week on the luge track at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver,  the world lost a great athlete, and NBC faced the dilemma of whether or not to show the graphic video and still images. The fact that it's a common dilemma doesn't make it any easier. ...more

Once I knew what the video was about, I didn't watch. I learned with the 9/11 attacks that ...more

On Health Care Reform, Who's Watching the Watchdogs?

It seems the top domestic news story in the United States this week is the concern among Congressional leaders that draft legislation aimed at overhauling the health care system is doomed because of its projected $1 trillion price tag (.pdf) But the Obama administration hasn't even offered its plan, so the hard bargaining hasen't begun yet. When it does, one of the big challenges for consumers seeking reliable information will be a dearth of independent, knowledgeable reporters. ...more

Maureen Dowd Gets a Pass, But in Journalism, Plagiarism Still Matters

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd dodged a bullet this week. ...more

I've just about given up on any of them. Getting material placed in the press is ridiculously ...more

What I Learned in Grade School ~ Play Nice ~ Don’t Plagiarize

OK readers, friends & bloggy buddies ~  today’s Rant of the Week is we’re going to have a little lesson in how to ‘Play Nice With Others.” See the little banner on the top right of my sidebar that I recently relocated due to an unfortunate incident?  Above it in red, it says “Don’t Even Think About It.” Underneath, it says “Yes, It’s Copyrighted.” ...more

Bloggers allege AP editor is biased against Obama

As soon as word got out that Sen. Barack Obama would chose Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate, a "news analysis" written by AP acting DC bureau chief Ron Fournier declared that the choice reflected Obama's insecurity about his own electability. Fournier's article echoed a point made in Sen. John McCain's attack ads: that Biden himself had said that Obama lacked experience, especially on foreign policy matters. ...more


I don't have a problem with advocacy journalism.  I have a problew with biased ...more

Media roundup: Bloggers demand ABC come clean, reporter protest station's "sensationalism;" Martin Bashir apologizes

There's a lot going on in the mediaverse these days, and bloggers have a lot to say about all of it. Here's a cooks' tour of some of the issues and stories attracting comment from blogging women (and some men): ...more

Yes, Bashir's remarks were really bad. Supposedly, he has a reputation for this kind of ...more

Should journalists vote? Wrong question.

Just before Super Tuesday, two editors of major newspapers in Colorado urged their staffers to stay away from the Colorado caucuses. Kelli Mc Bride, an ethics expert at the Poynter Institute, argued in favor of this traditional policy: "It's a tough spot for the head of a newsroom to be in. You can't prevent an employee from exercising a constitutional right. But you can minimize staffers' involvement in political coverage if they have created a perception of bias or a conflict of interest." ...more

Making this separation was true for both of the employers I've worked for in a professional ...more