1, 2, 3, mommy!

I am still stunned by the fact that it is only after the birth of my third daughter that I finally truly feel being a mom. ...more

Sometimes The Best Things Take Time

My son Aiden arrived without too much effort.  I was excited and marveled at the small bundle of stranger being placed in my arms for the first time, but I would be lying to say that the sight of him caused me to feel much beyond wonder. ...more

A Christmas Story

10 years ago, on September 11, 2001, people around the world were transfixed by televised images depicting the worst terrorist attack to take place on U.S. soil in modern history. Collectively we watched in disbelief as a commercial airliner slammed into the Twin Towers in New York City. Initially viewers wondered what had gone so terribly wrong to cause a pilot to travel so far off course....more

I (Might Be) A Mom Someday

I was a bit giddy and still groggy as I opened my eyes.  Did everything go all right?  Was it a success?  How many did they get?  I wanted as much information as possible. Stat.  As if on queue, Dr. Surrey approached my bed.  “Brigitte, everything went very well. We collected eleven. Great result!”  Eleven, yes that was a good number a very good number.  I wouldn’t name them, couldn’t hold them, and wouldn’t send birth announcements, but I was one step closer to maybe being a mom someday....more

But I AM a Mother

My family is waiting for our baby in the limbo known as Trying To Conceive. But I am a mother, already. I always knew that I would make a good mother, eventually. In the last ten days, however, I have discovered that “eventually” is now--pregnant or not pregnant, I am a mother....more
@standshadows I'm glad you like it. It's my entry for the BlogHer Ricki Lake contest. I hope ...more

I Found My Monkey

 I was on the birth ball and my hips were swaying from side to side as the contractions started coming faster and harder. I knew at that moment that my grand plan of hypnobirthing carrying me through my second son's birth was not going to happen. It was at that pivotal moment that my Doula, the lovely Pat Nielson, quoted Ina May Gaskin and told me "You gotta let your monkey do it!" Little did I know, that I had a strong monkey living within me....more
Mine was unmediated too and I was LOUD with my monkey noises! Hot-tub was awesome for me too! ...more

Top Ten Things That Make Me Say, “Yep, I'm A Mom.”

On my journey to motherhood, my children have taught me that being a mom is about giving up the control, as in the "control freak," it's about making a ridiculous fool out of myself all in the name of diffusing a toddler tantrum with laughter, and more importantly it's taught me to go with the flow or the tiny people will take you down - and while you're down they will climb on you, sit on your head and poop their diaper. I wish this was just me taking creative license... ...more

My Journey To Motherhood: The Night It Hit Me - I'm A Mom

There are many lasting memories from the birth of our daughter. Memories that at almost four years later are so vivid I can still recall how her skin felt like suede, her cheeks like powder. The words of encouragement erupting into loud cheers from my birth team still echo in my mind as she finally came out on that last push. But there's one moment that really stands out as my, “I'm a mom” moment. ...more
@Grammyof3 Thank you for such a beautifully thoughtful comment! I appreciate that very much! ...more

My Journey to Motherhood

My journey to motherhood was a little “normal” and a little “abnormal”. It was normal in that I was able to conceive and carry my own babies without help. It was abnormal because of my and my husband’s circumstances. I am visually impaired and my husband is a Type 1 Diabetic on Dialysis. Both my visual impairment and his End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) are legal disabilities. My husband was Diabetic when we met, went into kidney failure and had a kidney/pancreas transplant, all before we got married....more
@RoryBore Absolutely! Me too!more