Menopause Home Schooling Mommy

Well, that's me!  Three words that can describe me perfectly I'm beginning the dreadful menopause (some say I'm to young 47), but such is life; and a mommy at 47 and home schooling again!  What can I say?  Once in a while God blesses us with his marvelous grace and allows us to have these little gifts that really don't have explanations....more

Telling my story: Why I started blogging and why I do it now

So for those of you who have been with me from the very beginning waaaaay back in May 2010, you'll remember that I began this blog as an effort to get back into writing, as a jump into writing a novel.  Shortly after I started writing this blog, I began working on a novel.  The book was based on true stories, a series of events I went through, mistakes made, etc., before I met T.  I got fairly far along, and I even joined a critique group with some amazing writers to keep myself accountable.  But...then I switched jobs.  And I lost the time to focus on it.  And...more

...So, Here's The Thing, God...

….I been thinking…I want a brand new life and I don’t want it to look like anything I have lived up until this point.  Now having said that, let me digress for a moment-...more

Success: It's Not About the Destination

We've all read the quote about how it's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Success is in the process, the road that leads to where we're going. Most of us nod our heads, agree, and then go about marching headstrong toward the destination without noticing much along the way. That's why I truly love this post from Denise Wakeman about success being a journey. Not only did she live this truth on a personal and visceral level, she is now bringing that same energy to her work. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak about her epic journey in person as part of a live conference a few weeks ago and truly wanted to share it with this community. ...more

My Journey

Growing up, I was raised in a Christian family. We did not go to church much and I hated going when we did. I was raised to believe in Jesus because “that is just how it is supposed to be.” Easter used to scare me because I just knew that someone died and came back to life–that only happened in horror movies!...more

Choosing any job in the world: A “heathen pilgrim” walks across Turkey

Waking up today, I see that the writing prompt of the day is “If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?” Well,Blogher, you’ve got my number today – this is indeed the question of the hour – or should I say – the question of the mid-life crisis? I jest, I jest, ok, well maybe just a little bit of a crisis....more

Preparing the Child for the Path (the pocket companion version)

Since my son was born I have known that I was preparing him for the world…preparing him to be independent and separate from me. I have been stretched a little bit more as a parent lately. Required to grow. Required to let go just a little bit more. Required to let him walk on.I am preparing my child for the path… not preparing the path for my child.I cannot pick-up every stone along the path so that he will not trip. I cannot smooth the bumps and fill the divots so that he does not stumble. I cannot push the boulders out of the way so that he will not fall....more

7 Myths About Finding Your Calling

Finding your calling is all the rage these days. It’s sexy to find your calling. Everyone’s doing it, it seems. Finding your calling is the new black.But if you’re one of the many who haven’t yet found it, the process of seeking it can make you feel psycho, like you’ve got a giant “L” plastered to your forehead and the Universe has shunned you, just like the mean kids did back in 7th grade....more

Log in Your Eye

Soooo, we are having some growing pains right now.Superteen was completely dumped by a best friend she has had since kindergarten. In a pretty brutal way. The girl asked if she believed in God. Superteen told her truth, her truth at this moment.No.No, she does not. She was honest, even though it was hard and obviously not the 'right' answer....more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” The Spiritual Journey Has Begun 6-19-12

Conversations lead to creating bonds through the sharing of more intimate discussions.Your life is on the increase now.Broaden your horizons in as many ways possible.Someone may become very important to you.Opposing Energies: Unexpected expenses, fixed thinking, fearPersonal comfort is important, so allow the change process to bring comfort rather than make sacrifices.Letting go is important in order to take the next step, baggage-free....more